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  1. I just remembered why "createtildeath" sounds familiar. He's the guy who hates Lauren Lapkus and shit all over her first CBB appearance as Ho Ho. That shitstorm ended like this:
  2. Aw shit, here goes. Acknowledging that you're being a dick doesn't make you less of a dick, no one else is bothered by her laugh, most people don't control how their laughs sound, Paul probably doesn't choose guests based on your whining, your post is pointless, etc. etc. etc. Fuck off.
  3. Picklefucker

    EPISODE 343 β€” Athlete's Head

    Her name is Tash.2. Show some goddamn respect.
  4. Picklefucker

    EPISODE 343 β€” Athlete's Head

    I'm not much of an lol-er, but "big dumpy broad" hit me pretty hard.
  5. Picklefucker

    EPISODE 339 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2015

    So this is obviously all about personal opinions, no one is right or wrong, etc. I just don't understand why THIS is where some people draw the line. This is certainly not the most offensive the show has ever been. There have been much more horrific jokes about people who had died much more recently. To use your example, this is like if someone fucked baby skulls, then joked about Kanye's mom. I would draw the line after the first part.
  6. Picklefucker

    EPISODE 339 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2015

    So, to be clear, jokes about babyfucking are funny. Jokes about Scott being a horribly abusive parent are hilarious. But jokes about a douchebag's mom, who died seven years ago? That's where we draw the line? Over the years, Scott and co have made numerous tasteless (and funny) jokes about the deaths of Whitney Houston, Brian Jones, Natalie Wood, Nerine Shatner, and more (not sure why all my examples involve water). Why is everyone shocked and offended about Kanye's mom?
  7. Picklefucker

    Episode 328 β€” Beatle Heaven

    Twice in one thread? Really? Fun fact: It's physically possible to compliment someone without shitting on their friends.
  8. Picklefucker

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    Super weak burn, bro. Yeah, most of her voices sound fairly similar. But the things she says are funny, so no one cares. You could the same thing about Paul Scheer, Lennon Parham, and probably other Earlwolf guests. Sure, you can post opinions. But there's a difference between "I found this annoying," and "This was unbearable enough to make me physically ill and violent." It's possible to express your opinion without being an asshole. Dismissing other people's "little feelings" is not a good start. Birth name?
  9. Picklefucker

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    I believe the word you're looking for is...sensuous.
  10. Picklefucker

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    I thought of both. So I'm not really sure what to make of it. C+ ep, though.
  11. Picklefucker

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    Well that's a terrible thing to say. And yet, now I can't get that image out of my head. The barf and punch are simultaneous?
  12. Picklefucker

    Episode 320 β€” Charging Kids

    "You're talking about the band U2..."
  13. Picklefucker

    Episode 319 β€” Return to Suicide House Part Gore

    ...and your host, JOE PEPSI!!!!
  14. Picklefucker

    Episode 313 β€” Gumbo Challenge

    Damn, that was some Dabney-esque character work.
  15. Picklefucker

    Episode 311 β€” Denny’s Boys

    Missed opportunity: the show should have ended with a stirring rendition of the traditional ballad "Denny's Boys"
  16. Picklefucker

    Episode 305 β€” CattleLickItUp

    The old Shakespeareian bed trick.
  17. Don DiMello with a small child is the most disturbing thing I've ever imagined.
  18. Picklefucker

    Episode 303 β€” Puttering Around

    I think he was referencing the popular song "It Has Also Been Ages" by Stained.
  19. Picklefucker

    Episode 300 β€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    So the games on the whiteboard are just a red herring? What?
  20. Picklefucker

    Episode 295 β€” I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    I think that's already happening. Gino just plays it cool.
  21. Picklefucker

    Episode 295 β€” I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    Wait, where the fuck should I get my audiobooks?
  22. Picklefucker

    Episode 87 β€” Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

    Wait... the brothers are named after the Earps? Why??????????
  23. It's "I Love Films" you stupid fucking asshole. Show some goddamn respect, or do the world a favor and kill yourself.