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  1. Ok. I've tried to hold this in for 10 weeks as not to be a negative nancy...but God damn, I can't anymore. Janet Varney's laugh is killing me. I love this show, love PFT, this shit is hilarious and awesome. But Varney's fake ass ridiculous sounding absurd laugh is making this show unlistenable. That is all. Sorry for the negativity. But maybe...don't have her on anymore? Thanks

    Aw shit, here goes.


    Acknowledging that you're being a dick doesn't make you less of a dick, no one else is bothered by her laugh, most people don't control how their laughs sound, Paul probably doesn't choose guests based on your whining, your post is pointless, etc. etc. etc. Fuck off.

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  2. It was pretty much inevitable that somebody would call me "easily offended" because I mentioned that mean-spirited jokes about the tragic death of somebody's mother didn't jive with me.



    "Jeez, all I'm doin is diggin up the skulls of stillborn babies and fucking their eye sockets. Don't see why you gotta be such a prude". I think everybody draws the line somewhere.

    So this is obviously all about personal opinions, no one is right or wrong, etc. I just don't understand why THIS is where some people draw the line. This is certainly not the most offensive the show has ever been. There have been much more horrific jokes about people who had died much more recently. To use your example, this is like if someone fucked baby skulls, then joked about Kanye's mom. I would draw the line after the first part.

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  3. So, to be clear, jokes about babyfucking are funny. Jokes about Scott being a horribly abusive parent are hilarious. But jokes about a douchebag's mom, who died seven years ago? That's where we draw the line? Over the years, Scott and co have made numerous tasteless (and funny) jokes about the deaths of Whitney Houston, Brian Jones, Natalie Wood, Nerine Shatner, and more (not sure why all my examples involve water). Why is everyone shocked and offended about Kanye's mom?

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  4. Wow, this episode gives me hope, since Mike Kinsella (American Football) was on CBB maybe his way more talented brother Tim (Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Joan of Arc) could be on. I would love if one of my favorite songwriters ever was on CBB.


    Hanford is basically the only salveable, talented part of Birthday Boys. Don't know why that show existed. Did anyone here enjoy it?

    Twice in one thread? Really? Fun fact: It's physically possible to compliment someone without shitting on their friends.

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  5. More like create solid, realistic posts till death sir.

    Am I right, gang?

    Super weak burn, bro.

    I love everything about Earlwolf, Comedy Bang Bang, etc. ......... Except for Lauren Lapkus. Every voice of hers is the same.

    Yeah, most of her voices sound fairly similar. But the things she says are funny, so no one cares. You could the same thing about Paul Scheer, Lennon Parham, and probably other Earlwolf guests.

    Sorry if that hurts your little feelings, but that's my opinion. Pretty sure this is the place to post these opinions

    Sure, you can post opinions. But there's a difference between "I found this annoying," and "This was unbearable enough to make me physically ill and violent." It's possible to express your opinion without being an asshole. Dismissing other people's "little feelings" is not a good start.

    Foolio Iglesias

    Birth name?

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  6. Β 

    I will say, it went a different direction, but I do wonder if a news guy coming and saying he wanted to do a story about a podcast but only "if it bleeds" was at least partially a comment on the "Serial-has-invented-podcasting" mainstream-media narrative... might be reading too much in though.

    I figured it was just that Neil Campbell had seen Nightcrawler a few hours before coming to the recording.

    I thought of both. So I'm not really sure what to make of it. C+ ep, though.

  7. I didn't want that Russian nesting doll of subpodcasts to end. I Love I Love I Love Movies was fantastic ,even though I Love I Love Movies was total shit ( the hosts are terrible). And be still my heart, another ep of What's Your Fuck Style? I couldn't have asked for more. But can we have more?

    It's "I Love Films" you stupid fucking asshole. Show some goddamn respect, or do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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