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    While I do greatly enjoy and appreciate this podcast Scott did seem a tad sensitive to a two episode blip of negative reaction in a otherwise huge sea of glowing praise for the podcast. Sometimes, free or not, people will dislike artistic output and express that dislike. That's the nature of public art: would he prefer blind uncritical praise disconnected from the end product?


    Again, I love the podcast and have supported the live shows, but as long as the critique is respectfully articulated I don't think something being free makes it immune to comment....nor do I think that kind of uncritical feedback is helpful or gratifying to the artist involved.

    Criticism is fine, but the people who think Scott owes them "better" episodes of a free podcast aren't exactly being fair. Saying "This episode sucked because I hate Pete Holmes," or "This should have been a Suicide House episode" isn't constructive. Also, I don't see why "uncritical praise" has to be blind. Yes, I'm sure Scott would prefer positive reactions, but why would that be "disconnected from the end product"?

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