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  1. Turns out I have more free time than I thought!

    But I was fucking around with that Picklefucker guy when I made the "you see racism in everything" line. He's a grade A idiot and the reason I know this is because the very foundation that informs what he sees as racism is flawed. Someone generalizing your hometown is not as bad as institutional racism. Its not as bad as the things that spring from racism -- like lynchings, slavery, etc.

    So I guess I should have explained myself better instead of just saying "look closer" like a dick. "Irrationally intolerant" is my pseudointellectual asshole way of saying "unfair". I try to use big words when I can because I'm extremely insecure about my microscopic penis. All I meant was that assumptions based on race are unfair, and assumptions based on locations are also unfair. I realize that racism is WAAAY more harmful, but I don't see validity for either. Does that at least bump me down to a Grade B Idiot?
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  2. Ok people, ultimately sorts of debates are for white hipsters to hash out among themselves because they are trying to impress other hipsters about a) the place they came from or b ) the place they live now.

    a)I'm from Maine

    B) I currently live in Maine


    I've mentioned Maine once before, and very briefly. I have not attacked or defended Maine based on racism or anything else in this whole discussion. It shouldn't be that easy to disprove you logic.


    Anyway, this is all pointless. Obviously no one's convincing anyone to change their minds. So why don't we all just get along and unite against our common enemy: JEWS.


    Nope, you don't know what you're talking about. Racism is not about generalizations. If it was then Auburn fans saying Alabama fans are hicks would be racism. It is not. If we went by your definition then the home team fans sitting on one side of the football field and the away teams fans sitting on another would be apartheid.


    And yes, when the majority of people in a country vote two times for someone that means that generally approve. And no, the majority of Americans don't hate George Bush. In fact about half of them still support his ideas and philosophies. In fact, even though N.C. went for Obama in the 2008 election, they still have a Republican state assembly made up of people who think Dubya was an ok guy. I don't know where you get this idea where if you have a public election and the majority of people elect an asshole, that it doesn't say something about the people in that state, district, or nation.

    Ooh, two paragraphs of misunderstandings!


    No, I did not say all generalizations are racist. I said racism is based on generalizations, so condoning or encouraging these assumptions is encouraging what became the larger issue of racism. Your first example (Auburn vs Alabama) is what I'm talking about, albeit on a smaller scale. I would not call it racist, though, and I don't believe I said anything that would imply otherwise. Your second example (home team vs. away team = apartheid) is a more ridiculous argument that has nothing to do with what I said. For starters, they choose where to sit, and people usually don't see other people as inferior in everyday life because of which teams they like.


    And thank you for explaining how votes work! But again, you totally missed my point. Yes, the majority was in favor of Bush. But in my experience (I live in Maine, if that matters), it seems everyone hates him. Which is why I don't assume every American I meet supported him.


    So yeah, if I'd said those things, I'd be kinda dumb. But you actually just condescendingly responded to a bunch of shit I didn't say. You've been Picklefucked!

  4. No, Besser, the show isn't "Yo, is this a sweeping generalizations?", it is "Yo, is this racist?" Racism is about the many ways the majority oppresses minority groups, not about (true) generalizations about your hometowns.

    Racism is a series of sweeping generalizations that shit on large groups of people who don't deserve it. So saying these sweeping generalizations is just fine is problematic because you're condoning the problem that forms the roots of racism. Making assumptions based on locations is just as irrationally intolerant as racism.

    Also, your fellow Arkansasite(?? Arkansasions??) elected this man.

    Yeah, that argument wasn't valid when you posted it in the "Yo, Is This Racist?" forum, and it isn't valid now. America made George W. Bush one of the most powerful men in the world (twice!), and most people seem to think he's a bit of a dick. By your logic, it would be completely acceptable to say that all Americans agreed with Bush.

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