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  1. I didn't want it to end, but knew it would sometime. Thanks for the amazing resource.
  2. Haven't listened yet, but wanted to thank you for posting another episode. I've been taking detailed notes on all of them and have learned a huge amount. Also interesting to see some of the concepts from the startup school show up in The Icarus Deception, which is now my favorite book of his.
  3. BenNesvig

    Episode 12 — The Dip

    The Dip is a HIGHLY underrated book. I think about the concepts in that book almost every time I'm about to start a project.
  4. BenNesvig

    Episode 10 — Tactics

    Every time a new episode is added, an entrepreneur gets their wings. Thank you!
  5. BenNesvig

    Episode 9 — Compromising

    These make Monday worth it.
  6. BenNesvig

    Episode 6 — Raising Money

    More! I want more! I'll pay for it! Don't let this be the last one.
  7. BenNesvig

    Episode 3 — Creating Scarcity

    More! These are so great.