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  1. Was PFT doing a Winnie the Pooh voice for his reverend character, or was it some other reference I didn't pick up on?


    It sounded more like his DDL-as-Lincoln impression, as heard in his VPN episode of Who Charted (which I have watched more times than I care to admit).


    What a wonderful and beautiful episode. I hope we'll be seeing more of Matt Gourley in the future because I've recently grown so fond of him.

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  2. We Canadians love silly references to Canada. Keep up the great work Alan.


    Also am I the only one who loves the insane ad reading?


    I'm a fellow Canadian who loves the silly Canada references and I also enjoy the ad readings. The Squarespace one genuinely had me giggling. I'm all about Scott being goofy as hell.


    Also, I was super excited to see Weird Alistair and PFT together again on CBB, and this episode didn't disappoint. Alan Thicke's "errrrrrrrr"s and "uhhhhhhhhh"s and whatnot are so goddamn good, I feel like I saw that particular character quirk really start to emerge when I saw the live show in Toronto.

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  3. The Best Of episodes are some of my favourite episodes - not only because of the amazing episode selections and the b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s-s clips, but also because Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins have excellent comedy chemistry and clearly love riffing and being silly with each other. It's just the best. And the fact that we get four of these this year? I'm positively rollin' around with excitement.


    On-topic note: I can't believe "A Peanut In The Rain" is only #12, but I'm hoping "Garry Unmarried" is yet to come on the countdown. And I was thrilled to see "Vicar Of Yanks" on here because Weird Al is always a favourite of mine.


    Off-topic note: I'm so grateful that I was able to see the Toronto live CBB this year and I was able to tell Hot Saucerman and PFT how much their podcast work has meant to me and made me laugh in cruddy times. They couldn't have been nicer.


    Thanks for an amazing 2013, Comedy Bang Bang!

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