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  1. I heard both Seth Morris say the Ducca podcast is coming back and on The Wolf Den Jeff Ulrich said to expect a Ducca announcement soon? Please tell me that the podcast is returning soon
  2. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 313 — Gumbo Challenge

    So where is the link to buy tickets for the live NYC show mentioned in today's plugs?
  3. Memphish_Boognish

    Is By The Way going to come back?

  4. Memphish_Boognish

    When is Affirmation Nation coming back?

    At the end of today's Improv4Humans Seth said it's coming back soon. He's doing a beta ep at the end of this month and then it's coming back weekly starting in October
  5. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    How was it?
  6. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    Here's the actual footage of when he pitched the song to NBC https://screen.yahoo.com/roundball-rock-000000838.html
  7. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    definitely some weird irrational thing
  8. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    Paul said there will be a minisode on Tues
  9. Memphish_Boognish

    Is By The Way going to come back?

    Looks like it should be coming back soon https://twitter.com/...300437989539840
  10. Memphish_Boognish

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    When is the Wolf Den ep with Scott coming out? Can't wait to hear it
  11. Paul Rust's Yellowtail joke was just as good the second time around
  12. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 298 — The Hotwives of Orlando

    So I'm guessing ep 299 of CBB will be an album release ep from Weird Al and the reason it's not coming out until Tues is because he doesn't want to play songs from it before it comes out (that day)
  13. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

  14. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    Earwolf staff, can someone please make a Mike Gordon guest page and credit him on the ep. As an obsessive fan of both Phish and Earwolf it would make me so happy if Mike Gordon had his own Earwolf guest page
  15. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    As a Phish fan, Scott and PFT's reaction to Lawn Boy is one of my favorite things ever. Also the fact that Gordo knew PFT as the fancy socks guy is amazing Great ep
  16. So last year at Bumbershoot y'all recorded three shows and only two have been released. Are we ever going to hear the third one? I just loved the first two so much, I imagine the third one is great as well.
  17. Memphish_Boognish

    Third Bumbershoot show from lat year?

    Thank you for the response. Makes sense. Keep up the good work and excited to hear the live eps you have coming up!
  18. Whenever the Scott's come up with a new mini podcast on the spot they always seemed to have a theme song ready for it right away. So I wonder if they put those in during post, or there was some lag time in the studio where they found a theme and cut that down with editing. I know once the podcasts were established they can play the themes really fast, but some of the new mini podcasts seem to come up organically and they had a theme song right away
  19. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 294 — Honk Shoo

    I will never be able to understand why someone will make a username on here just so they can insult the guests. Seriously, if you see a user with 1 post and they say something negative you know that the person is a troll
  20. Memphish_Boognish

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Also will the Scott episode of the Wolf Den be the last episode of The Wolf Den or will you continue with it?
  21. Memphish_Boognish

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Jeff, thank you for all that you have done. Seriously. Earwolf is my favorite company. I have gotten countless hours of enjoyment out of many of the Earwolf programs. Also I have never met you, but I have asked many questions on this forum that you have answered for me and were always nice and gave some good info so I thank you for that Good luck on whatever you do next Jonah
  22. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 293 — Monster Muscles

    Now we just need him on the podcast
  23. Memphish_Boognish

    Is Jukebox Jury ever coming back?

    Please no, 99% of the songs submitted were awful. Yes, the reactions were funny, but it took up too much time in the show to listen to those awful songs
  24. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 292 — DJs Are Sleaze Js

    When they sang 'Take On Me' it reminded me of in the 2nd anniversary ep when they broke into "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'.
  25. Memphish_Boognish

    What guest do you want to see?

    After finishing season one of Silicon Valley (which was awesome) I realized that Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller and Zach Woods have all not been on CBB yet. This needs to be fixed! Also Kumail and Martin Starr would be great to see again as well