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  1. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 14 — Staind Glass

    I still want an ep where Kulap and Naomi Scott come on and talk about how much they hate Scott and Scott talking about U2
  2. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Watched Inside The Master Class a few years ago, loved it
  3. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Agreed, some people are just being complete assholes Comments like this make you seem like a real piece of shit, what did Armen ever do to you that made you so angry? Did he fuck your girlfriend or something? Seriously, if a host you don't like on a free podcast makes you that angry that you get that personal then you should probably look into yourself a little bit
  4. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    Unfortunately we won't be seeing the next (and last) season of Parks until January 2015. It'll be a mid season show and will be 13 eps
  5. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 12 — Slowing It Down 2

    I think having them be guests on an ep of U Talkin U2 To Me? just talking about how much they hate it would be hilarious
  6. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 133 — King of the Dipshits

    Another great ep. This really is the greatest podcast in the universe
  7. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    Well this was fantastic. What a fun b-b-bonus-s-s ep
  8. I live right by Mississippi but I definitely wouldn't defend it
  9. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 179 — She's Upton, Not Uptight

    When Armen's guest host of Who'ch ends can he please get his own Earwolf show?
  10. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    Great ep, Harris is always a great guest and happy to have KuKu and WieWie back together even if it's only for a week. I'm interested to see who Ku gets as substitute Wie for the next few weeks. Please bring Armen back!!!
  11. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 283 — The 5th Anniversary Show!

    You honestly don't, I listened to his interview on a podcast about podcasting and it just seemed like made up drivel and talking like him starting his new company was the most noble thing anyone has ever done
  12. Memphish_Boognish

    When is Affirmation Nation coming back?

    Thanks for answering Jeff, you are awesome
  13. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    There was an article on Grantland today breaking down the trailer for Tiptoes http://grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/rembert-explains-the-pre-mcconaissance-tiptoes/
  14. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 9 — Slowing It Down

    This ep was absolutely amazing But saying Three 6 Mafia is form Atlanta and not Memphis is an unforgivable mistake ::shakes fist angrily at Scott!!::
  15. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 55 — Brendan McDonald, WTF producer

    Well I have a hard time saying I would rather pay for something I get for free. But if there was a premium app in place I would definitely buy it since I love many Earwolf podcasts and I would want to have all the content available to me. I'm just not sure if people that weren't as big fans of Earwolf as myself would. Also I like having all my podcasts in one place on my podcast app on my iPhone. I love that for all the Earwolf shows I follow I can access any ep at any time right on that app. I have the premium WTF app and it's cool to be able to listen to told episodes, but I don't like having to go to a separate app to do it. I subscribe to it on my podcast app as well so I get the last 50 eps, but I ordered the premium WTF app a while ago and after the initial novelty when I first bought it of going back and listening to the eps I never heard, I hardly ever use it anymore. Honestly I don't remember the last time I opened it. On the other hand Earwolf podcasts like CBB, HDTGM?, etc I am always going back and just clicking on old eps on my podcast app. I am happy to pay Earwolf, as I have bought every live CBB episode from the store, as well as some merchandise. I'm just not sure I love this idea If you do go through with it though (and like I said if you do, I will def still buy it as long as the price isn't ridiculous). I would like to see something more than just archived episodes though. Like maybe exclusive content for the subscribers or something along those lines Also while I have you in here, I saw on this and I was wondering if you had anything you could tell us about the possible future of Earwolf and video podcasts or maybe some announcements of new shows y'all are working on? I know y'all have been teasing the return of the Ducca podcast. Anyways, thanks for all that you do, and I'm glad you brought the Wolfden back
  16. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 55 — Brendan McDonald, WTF producer

    So if Earwolf ends up doing a premium app like WTF as Jeff hinted to, then what would be the details? Like what would the prices be and what would be available only on the app?
  17. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 84.5 — Minisode 84.5

    I don't think I would want that. There are other bad movie podcasts, but the reason I love this one is because of Paul, June and Jason. I even feel like something is missing if one of them is not on an episode
  18. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 84.5 — Minisode 84.5

    Also this ep hasn't showed up in my podcast app yet and I just refreshed it. Anyone else have that problem or is it my app?
  19. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 84.5 — Minisode 84.5

    I'm guessing it will be the next ep. Last year they put Timothy Green in between Anaconda and The Devil's Advocate which were two live shows recorded on the same night
  20. Memphish_Boognish

    What guest do you want to see?

    Moshe Kasher Joe Mande TJ Miller Thomas Middleditch Matt Gourley Sean Conroy Kyle Mooney Beck Bennett Kate McKinnon Vanessa Bayer
  21. Memphish_Boognish

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

  22. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 278 — Only Tones

    Great ep I wish I could be around to see the reactions of the fans of The National and The Old 97's who have never listened to CBB before while listening to Adomian's craziness
  23. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 277 — Comedy Bang Me!

    Scott did a Funny or Die Q&A the other day on Facebook and said that it'll probably be episode 300 which is coming up soon Here's the link to the Q&A:
  24. Memphish_Boognish

    Episode 124 — Half-a-SWARM

    I got my youtube clip on the show!
  25. Memphish_Boognish

    Took Three Bong Rips Before Work and....

    What have you done with your day?