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  1. Logged back into my account just to say that Aparna Nancherla was an almost unbearable guest. That first interview with her was horrendous and poor Scotty tried to making it funny and interesting.


    She might be tied with Cameron Esposito for my most disliked podcast guest and comedienne in general.


    Thank you so much for logging back in to let us know this. We were wondering where you have been

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    Can I say if feels morally wrong to me without sounding like a holier than thou jackass? Thats an honest question I understand you need to make money.


    For me I think the free service should have stayed as it was with the paid content built on top of it. I think that would have been more fair.


    I disagree with this. Just because something was free doesn't mean we are owed it for free forever. They should be able to make money and monetize their archives. Yeah, it's not ideal, ideally I would get everything in lie for free. But I don't see how it is morally wrong in any way

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  3. Did anyone watch the aftershow? Because it was pretty awesome.


    It's insane how poorly Theresa has come across on last years finale, this season and especially last night's after show. Every time she tries to argue one of her points she comes off like a bumbling idiot. I'm team Nany all the way, it's none of Theresa's business what she does and she's slut shaming Nany. And then I loved Bananas calling her out for being just as slutty. And then her coming up with a lame excuse that she felt bad about it so she was better. Bananas "Theresa 10 and 2" comment made me laugh. But seriously, every time Nany challenges her, her come back is, "you're not worth talking to or caring about" which is a cop out answer and she always seems on the verge of tears when arguing. Seriously, go Nany. Own it and keep on making Theresa look like an idiot.


    Also I loved Bananas making Zach look like an idiot. It was funny to see him so scared. I can't wait to see both Wes's and Zach's faces when Bananas inevitably comes back from Exile (at least I hope that's what happens


    Also I was glad to see that elimination come back from The Ruins. But I hated to see Bananas go out like that. I hate to see great competitors go out because they have a weak partner. I mean, he didn't even have a chance to compete. No one "took out the champ" besides his own teammate. Also Wes and Jordan have such a huge advantage since they have the best two girl partners there, paris challenges are all about who has the strongest weak member of the team. Unless you're super human like Landon and can win Fresh Meat 2 with a bad partner just because you're that much better than everyone else, but he's in a class all on his own

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  4. Uch, I'm disappointed with my performance so far, choosing bananas over Nany was dumb since she gets all the wins he does but she causes so much drama and cries so much I would have def gotten more points with her. Banans has calmed down the past couple seasons now that he has a serious GF and he's the only one left in the JEK alliance


    It's really funny to see Bananas try to calm Nany down, he has no interest in her and is just trying to prevent another Camila situation right now



  5. While I really enjoy OITNB I have to agree that it's definitely not a comedy and it winning comedy awards is ridiculous. It seems like comedy awards in awards shows recently are just for movies that think they have a better shot at winning an award that way put themselves in that category. The comedy movie award at the Golden Globes is ridiculous. Pretty much none of the movies that ever are nominated in that category are comedies at all. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos have more laughs than OITNB, I guess those should have submitted as comedies as well

  6. I completely forgot about this thread


    Looking forward to this week, last week was just a boring ep overall. The CT/Diem stuff was just hard to watch and that elimination was terrible. & brownies?!?! Seriously?


    I don't know if anyone is watching RW this season though but it's surprisingly awesome this season although I hate every cast member. This week it destroyed The Challenge in entertainment value, which is saying a lot coming from me who is one of the biggest Challenge fans you'll ever meet


    Also does anyone else listen to The Right Reasons on the Grantland Pop Culture podcast feed? By far the funniest and most entertaining podcast about this stuff. Love Jacoby and Juliet


    Also got Bananas! I used to hate him but over the past few years he's become my fav, seeing him just destroy and shut up Jordan last year was amazing

  7. Maybe it's the Pod F Tompkast returning and coming to Earwolf? In Scott's AMA yesterday this was one of his answers to a question


    VanceFerguson 6 points 1 day ago


    Chocktaw, ever since you pulled in Never Not Funny, it has jumped to the top of my favorite podcast, after Serial, which we all know, was the first podcast created.

    Are there any other podcasts you'd love to get onto Earwolf? Snag one from that handsome nerd Hardwick? Resurrect a certain Thompkast?

    And lastly, would you rather convince someone to listen to the new Coldplay album or convince someone to stop listening to Phish?

    Thanks and looking forward to tomorrow's... B-B-B-B-BONNNNNUUUSSSSSS!!!!


    SAukerman 9 points 1 day ago


    doug loves movies or the pod f tompkast or superego, i guess?

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  8. Lets see... there were 3 Wompler episodes this year, 5 or 6 Reardon episodes, 3 Victor and Tiny, and 2 Claudia O'Doherty. So, if you figure that the votes for those episodes were split up, it makes sense how Time Bobby and Solo Bolo made it so high in the countdown. The first 2 Time Bobby's were great, but the concept started to get exhausting in the 3rd one. For me, anyway. And Solo Bolo is just plain exhausting.


    I have to disagree with both of these. I didn't think they could do it, but I think all three Time Bobby's have been great and thought this one was excellent, the whole unzipping part was amazing. Also I loved the Solo Bolo ep, the dynamic between Scott and Benny Swaaz is amazing

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  9. It's great that these shows are finally being released but where is the third CBB live show from NYC that was performed on October 12th at Webster Hall?


    I demand answers!


    That show was released, it's the one with Zouks, Todd Barry and PFT. The one that wasn't released was one of the two shows from NYC earlier in the year where the only guest was PFT doing a bunch of characters. I was wondering where that was as well

  10. I absolutely loved today's ep. Ana was a great first time guest, funny, quick, and willing to play along. Gino was great as always (his Chris Hardwick Weight Watchers joke had me cracking up and had people staring at me on the subway) and Mookie's new character was great as well. The only thing that kept it from being perfect was Riddle Me This, but it seems that Scott has finally realized that it doesn't work, which is great