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  1. BenDudden

    Doom (2005)

    Also, 20% at Rotten Tomatoes, with reviews like "This actually isn't as bad as it could have been. That's not high praise."
  2. BenDudden

    Doom (2005)

    Based off of the popular video game, this movie starring The Rock, is laughably bad. I remembered it solely based on Paul's surprise at hearing Dwayne Johnson swear in Fast Five. There is a memorable line in this one where he yells "SHUT... THE FUCK... UP!!" in a pretty hilarious cadence. I would love to hear the crew rip this one apart as well.
  3. BenDudden

    Theodore Rex (1995)

    Granted, I have not seen this movie yet myself, but I WILL if you guys do too. Whoopi Goldberg phones in a performance as a tough cop who is seriously annoyed by the fact that she gets partnered up with a dinosaur (apparently Roy from the Muppet TV show Dinosaurs), and has to stop a billionaire from creating a new ice age. WHAT. Just reading the wikipedia page of this is hilarious. Whoopi verbally agreed to appear in this movie, and then tried to back out. It was supposed to be released theatrically, but ended up as THE most expensive direct-to-video film ever made (back in 1995) I hope and pray that this masterpiece is watched and reviewed.