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  1. Andrew you have to learn to not be afraid to talk shit on people you like. If you got a question from someone hemming and hawing like you over this kind of thing you'd take them to school.
  2. Lurdiak

    Episode 137 — Kroll Show

    This episode won't load for me and the download link is busted! D:!
  3. Lurdiak

    Episode 126 — No Asians on Grindr

    This guest is awful.
  4. Andrew, you gotta quit folding so hard when your guests disagree with you. I think you definitely had it right saying the fucked up power dynamic makes this gross and probably racist as hell, you shoulda stuck to it.
  5. A local japanese restaurant I've been to is owned and mostly staffed by people who, from the language they speak, I believe are Korean (I've never asked) but at least are very clearly not Japanese. This wouldn't be noteworthy, but what is is that they play it up like they are Japanese, without straight up saying it. It blows my mind that "restaurant authenticity" is such a thing that they feel the need to play that way to make their white customers feel like they got their money's worth.
  6. Lurdiak

    Episode 14 — Anti-French in Canada

    Yo just want to point out that the guy who said there wasn't serious oppression of the french canadians was wrong. It never reached the level of how the natives or immigrants of color were treated in America and Canada, but there was stolen land (even though it had been stolen from natives in the first place), people not being allowed to hold any management jobs because they spoke french, people being denied service in french in their own province because all the businesses were owned by out-of-province anglophones, voter suppression, violence, and basically all kinds of horrible shit. The separatist movement was very much a reaction to how francophones were treated. The first PM of Canada had as a mandate to assimilate all french-canadian culture, and Quebec's refusal to give up their own culture led to oppression, so it was some real serious shit.