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  1. adamsisco

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    Almost died at 1:02:46 June - "And I, I wouldn't put all of this on the director, I mean I think there's..." Nathan - "He wrote it too" June - "oh" Paul - "He produced it with the magician"
  2. adamsisco

    Episode 131 — Tiny Hunk

    I actually paused this podcast and listened to "You Made it Weird" episode with Jon Glaser that they referenced. Very awkward. http://www.nerdist.c...-outside-lands/
  3. adamsisco

    Episode 195 — Making the Snow Angel

    All the East coast comedy nerds have to stay up til 3am to get ther comedy bang bang fix! What the dilly?
  4. adamsisco

    Episode 117 — Double Cuff

    As a citizen of a Hamilton Ontario suburb (and Sklarbro nation), I second the Hamilton vote! Hamilton needs you Sklarbro!