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  1. when I look at them all I see is Aryan
  2. Have you seen Deryck Whibley lately? He's in really rough shape. Anyway, BabaBooey
  3. DrBlueJeanns

    HEY! We're doing HH live!

    I just don't have anyone to go with
  4. #41 by DMB is about Seattle Mariners relief pitcher Charlie Furbush, the titular 41
  5. what about "The Space (needle) Between?"
  6. Crash into me is about seattle?
  7. Jessica, why isnt there no sports on tv?
  8. Hayes thinks Boffo B.O. is a smelly clown
  9. Hayes thinks a First Look Deal is when he gets to use the binoculars first
  10. DrBlueJeanns

    New reality SHOW show episode!

    I need to talk about The Challenge so bad. What do we do about Frank leaving? What gems will Jessica bring? Does anyone have 30 companies?
  11. Sean did his P in a V (P = Podcast, V = V neck)
  12. you can tell him "clemdog, way to accent the deep v with a heavy pair of sunglassys. Heavy so you know they're real"
  13. one time I was being podcast but they got rid of reality shows on tv so now they don't do that podcast anymore
  14. DrBlueJeanns

    Episode 27 — Joe Wengert, Our Close Friend

    ...its already too late joe
  15. Still can't get over that people don't have their own private theaters in their homes. I guess that's just what life is like in those fuckin flyover states like Ohio or Virginia. Spooky though.