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    I'm thrilled that LOL is finally getting reviewed! It's been over a year of patiently waiting and I finally get to hear Paul, June and Jason (with special guest) discuss this crapfest of a movie. Thanks HDTGM!
  2. Magnus Robot Fighter


    I think it's HDTGM material. The movie features well-known stars, is a mess of a story and even had some controversy regarding its box office numbers (the studio wouldn't release them). It had a lot going for it to be successful and being based on another movie, one would think this would be a slam dunk for at least turning a modest profit. There are a few scenes I think would be great to hear Jason comment on (one in the first few minutes, the other involving a raw chicken). It's such a disaster of a movie that it literally left me wondering, "How did this get made?!" Plus, it would be nice to hear June's perspective on this since it was marketed toward the ladies.
  3. Magnus Robot Fighter

    New Segment Idea

    I posted this over at the HDTGM? New Segment Suggestions section and I was encouraged to post this here as well. An idea for a new segment called "New Segment Ideas" where you mention a new segment idea but nothing else and move on to the next segment. So there it is CBB. Will the idea go to you or the HDTGM? crew? Cue Kirk v Spock fight music.
  4. Here's a fantastic new segment idea. Have a segment called "New Segment Ideas" where you mention a new segment idea but nothing else and move on to the next segment.
  5. Magnus Robot Fighter


    Ok, so this movie is awful. It features nearly every teen movie/TV show cliche imaginable and is a chore to watch. Here's a list of the cliches: slow-motion shot of cool girls lead character narration battle of the bands trip to Paris nerd hooks up with popular girl relationship confusion leads to break up but they get back together guy BFF becomes boyfriend hip grand mother hot teacher mean hot girl party mishaps snails for dinner in France (of course!) meet cute principal that tries to be hip older song sing-a-long overbearing parents that mellow out letter narration that ties up plot point sobbing on bed music montage all problems are solved with a hug One more thing that drove me crazy; Lola is southern but grew up in Chicago with her not-southern parents. Enjoy!
  6. Magnus Robot Fighter


    I just noticed this movie on Netflix streaming and must admit I have not watched it yet (but will tonight) however I think I can safely recommend this as a bad movie, after all it's starring America's sweatheart, Miley Cyrus. So I'll BRB and give you all the 411 on this POS.
  7. Magnus Robot Fighter

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    I'm going to watch this one right now. Hope it's as ridiculously wonderful as it sounds.
  8. Magnus Robot Fighter

    Volcano and Dante's Peak

    I remember the "Lady (melting) in the Lake" scene. That was the one with James Bond, right? I'm pretty sure that was one of my first WTF moments while watching a movie, and I was fairly young and naive at the time.
  9. Magnus Robot Fighter

    Rid of Me

    I just recently watched Rid of Me on Netflix and going into this I had high hopes. It was an "Official Selection" film from the Tribeca Film Festival last year and after reading the summary, I thought this would be an interesting indie film. I was wrong, dead wrong. It's set in Portland, which I thought was a pretty progressive town, but the way this movie is set up, you would think it's in one of those small towns (like in Footloose, the Kevin Bacon version). They're all racist, intolerant, judgemental, douchebags toward anyone that's different or just socially awkward. The movie starts with a shocking scene that I thought was going to set the tone for the rest of the film but it immediately fizzles out and I guess is one reason why I was so disappointed with it (one of many reasons). I should mention there is a lot of posing in this film. I'm talking, look-at-the-camera posing. I'm not sure why the characters have these moments, but there are a lot of them. Maybe there's going to be a Rid of Me Calendar and these are the images they will use for each month. So give it watch if you want to be angry at a movie, and who knows... maybe you'll like it. It has the lead singer from Everclear in it for a few scenes and if that's not a good enough reason to watch this movie, I don't know what is.