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    "What Am I Thinking" is now an App "Say The Same Thing"

    Bring back "What Am I Thinking!" It's been way too long. Or how about some "Hollywood Facts?"
  2. I listen to a different show every day of the week on my ipad. Since switching to the soundcloud player, shows frequently cut out halfway and then it's almost impossible to scan forward to pick up where it cut out. Is this happening to anyone else? Do I just need to download the show through iTunes? I didn't have this problem with the old players.
  3. joespoe

    Episode 117.5 — Sklarbro County 22

    Great episode. I love Brody. I'm bummed that I have to miss the Madison shows because I'll be in LA. I'm not a Wisco native, but I know that good cheese cards aren't found at A&W. Beware of culinary tastes from the man who is in love with Chili's. You can find good food near the gig at Graze. Not to be snobby, but Jonathan Gold endorses Graze. I would take you there myself if I were in town.
  4. joespoe

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    This was a difficult episode to listen to. Thanks to people who offered arguments against Yates, like denialist. I think skepticism is great, but having this one sided debate on this topic was useless. Where did Tig stand on the issue? All I heard were those annoying squeals. The only way I survived this episode was Al Gayore. PB needs to seek out better experts than a guy with a BS in Chemical Engineering to talk about climate change. Sorry to be a crank.