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  1. peeled grapes? cold spaghetti? hot dogs in jello? it's time to get inappropriate this halloween.
  2. Hot times, summer in the city. Enjoy it before the sun kills all life on earth. stock brokermann stock marketmann walk backwardsman talk backwardsman ass backwardsman celerey stalkerman stalk yourlovermann
  3. This is dumb. Pretty much a guarantee that i hate you if you sang the original incarnation for any reason.
  4. Time to wake up and put on your granny's panties! That's right your hanging with Shock Jockermann (jewish) in the morning. Boing, Fizzle, Plop and repeat.
  5. Shit, I did NOT do the reading.
  6. Boogertown, USA. That fish will not stop judging me. I've finally grown into Grandma's helmet. Everybody better dance on their hands. Why won't Sally comb my toe hairs? All this and more on Dramedy Can CAn.
  7. Hey, I think I'm funny. I better let everyone know with this cathphrase.
  8. When in doubt, Dorf.
  9. When life gives you lemons, it's time for a lemon party.
  10. You've got an butt that just won't quit. There are no 401k's for butts. Your butt looks simply delectable.
  11. Am I talking about poop? You wipe your ass I am.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for houston street? Oh, you mean houston street.
  13. Face down, ass up. That's the way I like to do taxes.
  14. Hi this is comedy creepshow, where the skulls aren't going to fuck themselves
  15. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, where the guests are required to play footsie with me. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, home of the first space dock.