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    Episode 59 — Spice World

    I also got a little annoyed by how little June got to talk because I would have LOVED a discussion about the weird feminism of this movie and the Spice Girls in general. There is, in a strange way, a nice message about friendship and loyalty in this movie because we don't see the Spice Girls having boyfriends or falling for any guys in the movie. So many movies about young women depict women in romantic relationships, trying to get into a relationship or having a relationship fall apart. They joke around about guys and tease each other a bit, but in the way that a group of girls might while out for drinks. I completely agree with June that the on-screen chemistry was great. I loved the exchanges on the bus and the way they goofed around with each other. It felt like it came from a genuine love for each other. Again, so much entertainment for tweens and young women is about drama, frenemies and love triangle that it is surprising to see a movie where the women are not interested in tearing each other down at all. Also, when I first watched this as a kid (an 8 year old, so an actual child), I expected Deborah to get a girl power makeover. So much of this movie is about embracing who you are and not being afraid to show that. I just wanted her to lose that denim jacket and get crazy. I did NOT want her to hook up with Clifford. That felt like the anti-thesis of this movie. Yuck, yuck, yuck THE CAMEOS. Omg, I loved the cameos. I remember watching this in the theaters and my poor, poor father actually laughed every time Roger Moore was on the screem. Yes, he took me and my three friends to go see it one weekend. He is the best dad ever. TL;DR-- Spice Girls rock, June gets cut off too much and Deborah made me sad