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    Episode 79.5 — Minisode 79.5

    I'm a film school dropout, and more than one of the books I was forced to read about production said, and I quote: "If you don"t have a title and a tagline right away, the movie probably isn't worth making." Hollywood, Y'all. Shit like this gets green-lit EVERYDAY.
  2. I liked this movie too. However, I do agree that it is batshit fucking loco. On the subject of The Androgynous Gackt, he's actually a Japanese pop singer, basically their equivalent of David Bowie. The funny thing is not only is this not his first action movie role, he starred in (and did his own MoCap for) a hack-n-slash video game for the PlayStation 2. Hell, it even came out in America, I own a copy! It's... weird, but it held my interest. Kinda like Bunraku.
  3. Ridiculous Ninja

    Solo (1996)

    I love that goatee-having science teen is a pre-fame Adrien Brody. Sadly, after the 3-day bender he pulled on the set of King Kong (allegedly... allegedly) he's back to doing Gillette razor commercials and crap like this.
  4. Ridiculous Ninja

    Once Bitten

    Ahh yes, 1985. I was born that year, Reganomics were sweeping the nation, and a pre-fame Jim Carrey, dressed as "The Matrix", does the Thriller dance.
  5. Ridiculous Ninja

    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    Well that sucks, I cannot seem to post a photo here. I'll try again later.
  6. Ridiculous Ninja

    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    Been listening since episode 3. Love the podcast, but I suck at Photoshop and/or art in general. So I typography'd this bitch! Please enjoy.