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    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    I'm not here for predictability, I want to hear it from the average joe. Pretty much everybody that has a question here knows what is expected for answers. We want opinions from our equals. Not the bullshitters in charge.
  2. Strikendv8r

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Yo Mister Ti and the earwolf, thanks for the shows existence and having the balls to speak for the peeps on racism. Don't care what format it's in, just get it out there!
  3. Strikendv8r

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Thanks for the enlightenment. Ok I have another one for everybody. What about all the supreme court bs with the Elouise Cobell settlement ?
  4. Strikendv8r

    Episode 16 — Yikes Ahoy!

    Dude, what about blood quantity for native Americans? Why do they need a pedigree? Why don't whites have to have a race card? Native Americans have tribal id's.