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    Episode 111 — Add 5 and Figure it Out

    So I've read the comments that the hipster comedy nerds are the ones being hateful, uncivil and intolerant of Carolla's views so I thought let me follow Carolla's lead on how he responds civilly to views he disagrees with: "The fact that torture has been around for 10000 years suggests to me it works. You fags with your, 'fences don't keep anyone out, torture never got anything,' really??... shit that doesn't work leaves, shit that does work stays around for 5000 fucking years you fucking idiots"... "shut the fuck up and let them do their job!" - Adam Carolla So now taking my lead from Carolla let me reply to you in kind. Shut the fuck up you fucking knuckle dragging idiots. No one is as good at projecting as an inbred Carolla fan who thinks he's made a functional thought. You morons. I don't know if I was able to capture all the civility of Carolla responding to views he disagrees with but I tried. I'm sure you'll agree that now there is "fairness and civility from both sides". (I chose a random Carolla view because we already know some of his classics, I like hearing him be regressive on a virtual cornucopia of topics.) Not relevant, but maybe someone should ask atheist Carolla why he's not religious (religion's been around thousands of years) or what he thinks about slavery (been around thousands of years, still exists in some parts of the world today).