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  1. For those of you in the Wollongong area Blops 2 is midnight launching at my fave store JBHiFi http://t.co/ha7EztYy Check for local listings

  2. First rule of marketing: get your self out there http://t.co/hrpIOUO6 @limerocketapps did just that

  3. Skyfall isn't even out here yet and it's made back more than twice it's budget. http://t.co/AIfwdFQU

  4. Officially seen every hipster on the spectrum. Now heading home...

  5. Year, not time. Last tweet twas ridiculous, much like my week...

  6. Doing Politics research for upcoming exam http://t.co/1emvFyvO When I come across @Wendy_Bacon Mmmmm Wendy Bacon.


    http://t.co/FIavOHgU @2hitadam and @2hitmatt still hard at work and making their comic with around 12 hours to go


    http://t.co/yZluCQ3B Everyone leave Shigeru ALOOOOONE!!!!

  9. Apparently there is an Evangelion Exhibit that will be making its way around Australia in 2013 thanks to @madmanfilms and @goldcoastfilm

  10. Thanks to my girlfriend I can now swear in another language. Sign...

  11. Working on a side-sequel to Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Bennett's perspective called "All these bitches be crazy"

  12. After weeks of looking I think I may have found the laptop of my dreams...but its a weekend deal :(

  13. Another early afternoon. So tired. Feel a bit ill. I'll be good, just need to put this week behind me.


    http://t.co/ZRYZfqPo Finally a Sony Move game I can get behind! Yay @gutefabrik


  15. The Hobbit, Les Mis and Wreck It Ralph all come out on Boxing Day. Someone better buy me a Movie Voucher so I can use it all in one day :P

  16. Slenderman and Wally are in a crowd...who do you find first?

  17. Off to Sydney to see @ProfBrianCox live. Superpsyched gonna rock it out with my Cox out #coxrox

  18. Didn't we learn anything from 2005?! @woodelijah will kill again... http://t.co/aLiXbp1k #Maniac #NotFlashdance

  19. To get psyched for the GTAV trailer next week @rockstargames have put up the entire GTAIV saga for less than $10 http://t.co/3v6UALoa

  20. Don't think I forgot, it's another installment in Lappy Vidya. Today we're looking at @Jonathon_Blow's Braid :Dhttp://t.co/kKVoDqcZ

  21. Drunk on L & P and raspberry vodka; it's like drinking a wasted melted Icy Pole. I call it a Stripper Pole.


    http://t.co/4WuoFNXu Here's my consolation prize to Romney tonight. He can buy it from me for 30 grand



    https://t.co/Lm4MA6ZS Conan OBrien and Andy Richter are in #Halo4 and 'tis amusing