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  1. CocaineWormsman

    Episode 211 — Headshot Crime Detective

    Soooo, what happened with that naked dude?
  2. CocaineWormsman

    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    This show's pretty good.
  3. CocaineWormsman

    Episode 112 — Hollywood's Next Jew

    "What happened, like we came outta the dirt? No, stuff came out of the muck. Muck is where stuff grows." "You add water to stuff! You don't add dirt to make something more alive." Kremer Biology 101
  4. CocaineWormsman

    Episode 55 — Pussy Snacks

    "You can pick up hoodies, socks, an-......who's selling socks, Brett? Kulap? ... and show T-shirts..." Hilarious.