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    Episode 176 β€” No Thanks, Clayton!

    Love the podcast and was excited to see that Brandon Johnson was on it this week since I had just listened to him on Comedy Bang Bang and he's very good in everything I've ever seen him in etc etc. BUT. What's with the sweeping stereotypes about the British? Did people in London meet him and go, "Hi Brandon, so I hear you're a warmongering American imperialist piece of scum?" Brandon, I can guarantee that you're welcome in London, you must have been hanging out with the wrong people. It's surprising that he had such an adverse reaction to London after he was talking about his neighbourhood in St Louis being a 'melting pot' of different cultures. I am absolutely CERTAIN that London has a more diverse demographic make-up in terms of ethnicity than St Louis. Not that it's a competition (it's not a competition, right?) London isn't just made up of a bunch of white actors and actresses who are plotting to go to Hollywood to steal jobs from Americans. Honest. Then there's his theory that America is the only place talented people from around the world go if they want to make it. Talk about an actor's perspective. It's funny that he was having arguments with British people about which country is the most 'warmongering' and 'imperialist' when in the last 13 years the British and American governments have both supported each other in just about every military action you can think of. Whether or not you agree with these wars it would probably look rather amusing to someone in say, Baghdad, if they were to witness an American and a British person argue over which country is the most imperialist or warmongering. I particularly liked the 'zinger' Brandon used against those pesky British who were apparently accusing him of being the sole architect of modern US foreign policy: "No, no, no. You guys are imperialist. And you're still imperialist. And you believe in a queen. What's next, werewolves, witches?" British people don't just "believe in a queen," Brandon; they have a queen. Unlike werewolves and vampires, she exists. She's a little old lady who lives in a big house with a lot of dogs. Seriously. I wouldn't lie about something so important. Anyway, what the FUCK am I talking about. I'm essentially having an argument with myself at this point. To conclude this essay I would like to declare that I continue to be a staunch supporter of Elizabeth Laime, side-kick Andy (who for a long time I actually thought was known as 'Psychic Andy,' and I was surprised every week when he didn't seem to be reading the guest's mind) and even Brandon Johnson (as long as he's not talking about his visit to London). Thanks, bye.
  2. clampdown13

    Episode 198 β€” Aren't You Glad

    I'm also baffled by what's being uploaded to Youtube and what's not. If there's video of this I need to see it! The only thing I like as much as Sarah Silverman is someone doing an over-the-top impersonation of Sarah Silverman. It's eerily accurate, in a shouty way of course.
  3. clampdown13

    Episode 66 β€” White Men Can’t Jump

    If you really think Adam Morrison is a shit basketball player, then you sir, are a shit.
  4. clampdown13

    Episode 154 β€” Size Matters!

    Love your podcast guys. Hope you read this because I have a very important fact regarding the actor who plays Senator Clay Davis in the Wire. He's in the Spike Lee film '25th Hour.' He's only in it briefly but I'll never forget his performance because he uses his classic "sheeeeiiittt" cathphrase: This was before the Wire and who knows how many other TV/film appearances he's used it in. Maybe he has it written into his contract. I hope this changes your life forever as it has mine. Yours sincerely, Tom
  5. clampdown13

    Episode 193 β€” What Else? What Else?

    New no-no: If you find Nancy Cooper's voice annoying, then I should be able to pay you to watch her do stand-up at Charlie Brown's steakhouse. New no-no.
  6. clampdown13

    Episode 76 β€” American History

    If Tig didn't move to New York, would hurricane Sandy be there? Discuss.