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  1. DavidGarrison

    EPISODE 30 β€” Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

    If I remember correctly, didn't Harris and Joe both go to Emerson together? I have always thought they sounded a lot a like and I attributed that to them being around each other for a long time and picking up each others mannerisms.
  2. DavidGarrison

    Episode 1609 - Kate Flannery

    I know she has done stuff with Mr. Pardo before. I want to say Running Your Trap maybe. I can't remember. It was a bonus episode some years back. She was great on this episode. The stuff about S.A.G. was really interesting.
  3. DavidGarrison

    13 Going Hooray

    Chad, I was just curious about your musical past. I've heard you mention it in quite a few episodes. I really just don't know much about you except that you are funny and you are great at podcast production.
  4. DavidGarrison

    13 Going Hooray

    I wanted to learn more about Chad so I went to the host page. Turns out Horatio and Chad are not there. What up with that?
  5. DavidGarrison

    Episode 299 β€” Don’t Hack the SAC

    Ms. O'Doherty was great. I watched all of her BBC 4 videos and those were great as well. I hope she will return.
  6. DavidGarrison

    Episode 88 β€” Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    Jason mentioned something about doing a movie written by this guy before since he wrote Mannequin and Mannequin: On the Move. I think he was thinking about the director or Mannequin: On the Move, who also directed Mac and Me.