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  1. ocean_machine

    Episode 240 β€” #TheWorldsEnd

    What a great episode! The gang fit right in and even had characters at the ready. I'm really going to do my best to see their new movie.
  2. ocean_machine

    Episode 86 β€” The New Year Attack of 2011

  3. ocean_machine

    Episode 80 β€” Enigma Force Five Reunion

    Holy cow, what an episode! And that fucking song at the end... Just too perfect.
  4. ocean_machine

    Episode 65 β€” Welcome to Earwolf!

    How on Earth did Scott prefer "Headgames" to "Electric Shock"?? The guys in "Headgames" couldn't even rap in time with the music!!
  5. ocean_machine

    Commando (1985)

    I'm just going to leave this here: http://youtu.be/C-z9DeoPvNM
  6. ocean_machine

    Episode 63 β€” Fast & Furious 6

    This was one of the few episodes that made me wish I had watched the movie prior to listening to the podcast. But not as much as I wish that Adam would actually write "Moles."
  7. ocean_machine

    The Internship

    As The Onion pointed out, all of the jokes are from eight years ago. It should be a disaster.
  8. ocean_machine

    Real life Don Dimelo?

    This is almost as good as when that real life school teacher got busted for cooking meth.
  9. ocean_machine

    Harris' Wikipedia Page

    Shouldn't it read " cease to exist"?
  10. ocean_machine


    88 Minutes
  11. ocean_machine

    Mystery Men (1999)

    Huh, I thought this movie was generally well-liked. I've always liked it.
  12. ocean_machine

    James Adomian's debut album drops 8/13 on Earwolf!

    FINALLY picked it up. Haven't listened to it yet; waiting for the right time.
  13. ocean_machine

    Episode 62 β€” Joyful Noise

    I didn't really enjoy this one, although that may have been do, in part, to that fact that I became involved in an automobile collision about halfway through.
  14. Manzoukas's "watching a movie with a mouth full of tit" comment was unnessasarily vulgar, I thought. Good episode, though. I agree that June was especially good, as she often is when the boys actually let her talk.
  15. ocean_machine

    Episode 219 β€” Farts and Procreation 3

    I cannot fucking wait to listen to this!
  16. The episode was good until Paul R. and Neil showed up.... then it became amazing. 4 MORE YEARS!
  17. ocean_machine

    Episode 211 β€” April Fools!

    I'm continually impressed by Jon's comedic sensibilities and quick wit. Never would have guessed. Really enjoyed this one. He and Nick had great chemistry.
  18. ocean_machine

    Episode 212 β€” Comedy Bleep Bleep

    When James entered I literally said, out loud, "Oh shit, is he doing Gordon Ramsay??" Great episode. There were so many moments that *sounded* scripted even though I know it was all improvised (like them not bleeping n*****).
  19. ocean_machine

    What guest do you want to see?

    Stephen Colbert (never gonna happen) Conan O'brien (never gonna happen) I can dream, though.
  20. ocean_machine

    Episode 217 β€” The WTF Hour

    I want to like Marc, I really do. Good episode, although I feel like "Would You Rather?" really needs more than one person to make it fun. Marc was a good sport about it, though.
  21. ocean_machine

    Episode 216 β€” Top of the Schaal To You!

    Neil is quickly becoming one of my favorite CBB guests.
  22. ocean_machine

    Episode 215 β€” Time Bobby 2

  23. ocean_machine

    Episode 215 β€” Time Bobby 2

    The "it's been"s are killing me. In the best way.
  24. ocean_machine

    An idea. An idea that I think is great.

    I'd listen to that.
  25. ocean_machine

    Episode 6 β€” Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    I have limited patience for all three of these people, so I didn't really enjoy the "Analyze Fish" episodes as much as I might. Bring back Harris and Scott!