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  1. UltimateOutsider

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I had my first "screaming at my iPod" moment with this episode when they were answering the listener letter that asked if they knew of any movies which made such drastic cast/lead shifts in the middle of the film as Psycho did. They didn't mention Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. (I haven't finished the episode yet. If they mention it later on, yay.)
  2. UltimateOutsider

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Howl's web site is infuriatingly useless. Can someone who subscribes to Howl explain this to me? I want to listen to the HGTGM Birdemic episode on my iPod nano. I don't have an iPhone, and my Android phone is on a limited data plan (so no streaming) and has limited storage space (so no downloads, and actually I don't even have enough room to download another app). The iPod Nano is not an iOS device, so I can't use anything that requires an app. QUESTION: If I sign up for howl.fm, will I be able to download the Birdemic episode and play it on my iPod Nano? Paul mentioned Dan Carlin's podcasts in the announcement. You can buy all of Dan Carlin's old episodes individually (which I have done). Is there a way to buy individual HDGTM/Earwolf podcasts that doesn't require an iPhone or Android app?
  3. Yesterday when I launched iTunes, it started downloading the entire HDTGM catalog to my drive again. My subscription settings had not changed, and this is the the only podcast that was having this problem. To prevent it from re-downloading EVERYTHING, I had to set my subscription settings to limit the number of episodes on my computer to "10 most recent." I'm curious whether this was an RSS problem, because the same thing happened to the Planet Money podcast a couple months ago... suddenly everyone who subscribed to that podcast started downloading every episode in their archive, and they ended up actually having to yank most of their older shows to limit the downloads. They said it was an unexpected side-effect of some feed changes on their end. (Or is it just a fiendish plan to pump up HGTGM's iTunes stats mu-ha-ha-ha?) Anyway, iTunes sucks.
  4. Double thanks. That was the clip I was thinking of, and you gave me enough info to piece together that the specific book I was looking for is Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology (the special is mentioned in this article about the author). But Going Clear sounds fascinating as well. Wishlisted.
  5. A few weeks ago I remember listening to a Fogelnest Files episode where one of the clips was some cheesy network TV special with a lot of celebrities on it. I'm thinking it was from the 70s, but could have been the 80s? The guest at the time was actually familiar with the special because he said it had been orchestrated by the Church of Scientology, and there were Scientology plants mixed in with the celebrities to help spread the word. The guest mentioned the whole thing was described in a book about The Church, but considering that I cannot remember the name of the guest, the episode, or the specific clip, I have no idea which book he was talking about. Does any of this ring a bell? (Amazon wishlist time.)