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    Episode 14 — The ShipIt Journal

    This episode was so powerful and motivating. It was my favorite in the entire series and I'm so appreciative of all those involved in the creation and posting of the recordings. Knowing when a product is "good enough" and shipping is so important and far better than that waiting for perfection. The last 10 minutes on doing new things and putting yourself, and your creations, on line inspired me.
  2. BlackjackWhite

    Episode BO2012.2 — Best of 2012 Pt 2

    Hearing how much fun both Scott and Paul had recording Time Bobby makes me enjoy it even more than I already did! Ever since I heard it, I've tried to slip phrase "knife grab" into casual conversation wherever I can. I'd highly recommend it. Maybe we'll get a Time Bobby 2 that will be the 2nd best episode of 2013 a la Farts and Proc 2 (dream scenario). Discovering CBB this May (the 156th Anniversary Party! episode was the first I listened to), has been one of the highlights of my year. Monday mornings are now exciting and I haven't had a boring commute since then (via the extensive backlog). I couldn't imagine going back to a world without Foam Corners, movingon.org, PFT, the Choctaw, and countless others. Thanks CBB/Earwolf, can't wait to hear what you guys put out in 2013!