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  1. MrWorms

    We will miss you Harris

    I am heartbroken over this news. Rest In Peace Harris
  2. MrWorms

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    Even managed to squeeze in a "technicality no down boo over" 1:18 in. Impressive. Phish are a really lousy band though.
  3. MrWorms

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    I gotta say, I think having Armen on the show is pretty funny. I think he shares a bit of Howard's mentality, but part of what makes Howard so charming is that he's gotten a lot more self-aware as the show's gone on, and he's not afraid to laugh at himself or the dumb stuff he comes up with sometimes. I think if Armen kept at it and hammered out his worldview (or at least his schtick) a little more he'd be a really great podcasting co-host. Until then, it's hilarious to hear Matt Besser rip on him. If you're looking for more Besser-on-Armen mayhem you might like this podcast from last year: http://littledumdumclub.com/?p=617
  4. MrWorms

    Episode 143.5 — TWO CHARTED 82

    I'm guessing the portobello sandwich was probably under the "chicken sandwich" part of the menu and the "not chicken" thing refers to the fact that it's out of place in the menu, but had to be put somewhere. I don't live anywhere near Denver though. Good ep! Get better soon Howard.
  5. MrWorms

    Episode 207 — LIVE from SXSW 2013 II

    Finally got around to this episode... Ken Marino's Nina Simone impression was amazing. Great episode.
  6. MrWorms

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    I think this is really the essence of it... people with that type of personality can be super obnoxious but I was surprised by how good natured and charming GC actually came off as. He and Howard clearly share a lot of history, and also, surprisingly, some personality quirks. It was also hilarious to hear him busting on Howard's business ideas. I thought this was a great episode of Who Charted.
  7. MrWorms

    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    I liked this episode, Steve-O seems like a dude who's genuinely trying to make a better person out of himself and it's refreshing to hear that perspective once in a while. It's not a typical Who Charted, but a minor change of pace once in a while is fine. Plus, we'll still have Twooch this week. This made me crack up though:
  8. MrWorms

    Episode 108.5 — 12/28/12 TWO CHARTED 47

    I liked the almost entirely out of context Marshall Crenshaw reference. Howard is always full of surprises.
  9. MrWorms

    Episode 100.5 — 11/2/12 TWO CHARTED 39

    I finally got around to listening to this episode, and Stard Me Up was a great feature! Love the show guys, thanks so much.