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  1. hey popcorn gallery, hit me with a few questions you might ask a total nobody who hasn't done jackshit
  2. Please submit questions for Scuzzman.
  3. Popcorn gallery. Get your questions ready for Jeff Dunham and his cavalcade of characters.
  4. Paul Rust coming in today. Hit him wit da P Corn Qs.
  5. hello team, if hayzie bone and clem dawg were putting together a "best of" episode, what are some clips or segments that you would want included? also, no pitch perfect 2 spoilers in this thread, please. hayes is still working his way through the first one. said he only needs "like 4 or 5 or 6 more nights."
  6. Hey PCG, We got Alex Anfanger from Big Time in Hollywood Florida and Next Time On Lonny. He might bring a friend too so I guess maybe ask them questions. Whatever. I barely care.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Hebert
  8. ok. cody just made this number show up on the tv at this restaurant! 347-514-WOLF (9653)
  9. HandbookHeads, we were thinking of letting you guys officially welcome hayes back to planet earth with another very special call-in episode tomorrow. bear in mind, i don't know who our engineer is or how to contact them. i don't know the phone number to give you, and we don't have a call screener. cody??? you in these wires??? can you read this??? make my screen blink once if you can see me... hmmm... it blinked three times. wonder what that means. anyway, please get your dialing fingers ready tomorrow at 10AM PST. we wll be taking an hour of calls and the funniest/smartest/nicest one wins the pro version. more info to come, i hope...
  10. Good news popcorn gang. My sometime assistant domnick dorkus finally did something right and said that he is bringing screen legend Goldie Hawn to the studio as a guest tomorrow. He was vague about how he knows her but I'm sure he will come through. Please get your private Benjamin, wildcats, first wives club and just everything questions ready. Overboard!? Bird on a wire!? Guys this gallery better ask some good popcorns.
  11. RanRan, I like your album. BUT, while it is good and does technically rock, the song called "Movies" is obviously an encroachment on the audio properties of me and Mister Hayes. Please change the song to either be about something we haven't already taught everyone at the libarry everything about already or make it mention me and Hayes before every time you say movies. I do NOT wanna have to get LegalZoom involved. You know I have their number cuz another podcast I do commercials on is friends with them. I rest my case and it's s-staind.
  12. No. That is me. I like Geoff Sanderson and Kevin Dinean and THAT'S IT Go whale
  13. Before you guys ask, no I didn't buy anyone any drinks. Hayes has a lot of money and he uses it to manipulate people. I did offer to reimburse Andy kneis for his shirt cuz he wouldn't shut up about how expensive it was.
  14. Clem Dawg

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Hey guys, I'm back and I'm fine. It's the real Clem Dawg and not some kind of android machine that they replaced clem dawg with because he got too close to the truth when he asked who would have the most to gain from saying we should stop reporting juffyman. All normal posts from here. Drink Pepsi.
  15. Clem Dawg

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Guess we all know whose side "Shannon" is on, right gang? Hang on, there's someone at my door. "Hello there, what kind of machine is tha-- AHHHHH!!! OHHHH MYYY GAHHHH!!! TELL MY STORY FORUMERS!!! DONT LET THE TRUTH DIE WITH ME!!!"
  16. Hey guys, challenging the popcorn gallery to find out who the truest forum diehard is. You have less than 12 hours to give us a question for Betsy Sodaro. If you don't question her, Hayes will question YOU... about your commitment to this show.
  17. Popcorn Gallery we need your help! We need questions for tomorrow's guest. Actual actress Jes Macallan will be joining us and things could get pretty tense because she "like likes" Hayes. Please provide questions that will help her think with her brain and not her you-know-what.
  18. guys, i have double the normal amount of things to say to you for this weekend's episode. NUMBER ONE: we will be doing a live call-in episode on Saturday December 13th at 9:15am PST as a holiday gift to all of you. we generously offer the chance to fan out on us, to ask us questions, and to shut up while we are talking or risk having Hayes lace into you and then broadcast the drubbing NUMBER TWO: At 10, after what will have surely been a very successful call-in show with no dead air or technical problems, we welcome Thomas Middleditch (LittleBitch! I have heard him say this, so it is not mean). We don't have many questions for him. If only there were some sort of gallery we knew that could help us round out our segment with some great Qs. Oh wait, that's you guys. you are the gallery, and I DO mean Popcorn. Please prepare to speak with us and give us help with Thomas. In return, Hayes will eat Christmas Eve dinner with one of your families (extended). Thanks fellow nerdz. I don't have the phone number for the call-in right now, but we will provide it soon.
  19. Just as my ancestors gave us the popping corn, I now give you (the popped corn gallery) a gift to be thankful for. Tomorrow's guest is Pauly Shore. Y'all got questions?
  20. Clem Dawg

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    it was Manchego... the cheese... that Jill Biden got wrong... found it in my journal
  21. hey Popcorn Gang, tomorrow we will be doing our first ever Hollywood Handbook writers panel. We will have writers from shows like Parking Wrecks, The O Face, and of course Ed. Please submit your questions about how to get these good jobs, the dynamics of writers rooms, and the general craft of writering. we will ask the questions we think are good, and as for the ones we don't... may heaven show you mercy, because here on earth there will be none.
  22. we've got stand-up joke teller iliza shlesinger coming in. does th popcorn gang has a question or what?
  23. P'corn G'ers! You guys have any questions for the Clown Duke of Comedy... Clark Duke????
  24. Gil Ozeri is coming by the handbook headquarters tonight. Anybody got a hot Q for my man?
  25. Clem Dawg

    Episode 48 — Pete Holmes, Our LIVE Friend

    it was not natasha leggaro. it was a celebrity.