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  1. There's a remake of Jumanji coming! What the?!It's official, Hollywood has run out of ideas.This is a 90's classic. http://t.co/SU6Daij9

  2. A little something from our dead fools fiesta music video @NZonAir http://t.co/pEC2XKIr

  3. The Pope has joined Twitter. His first Tweet was "@Jesus where are you? Keen to catch up?" Don't think he knows... http://t.co/svZfSS6k

  4. Today I got asked what band I would like to work with next if I could choose. My answer is @homebrewcrew hmmm deff the right answer - Allan

  5. Lets keep this hashtag going! #aucklandstorm

  6. hello to all our new followers

  7. We now have 99 subscribers on #youtubewho wants to be number 100? http://t.co/BXFBBeT0

  8. In this seventh episode of the 'Sideways Podcast' we have an overload of entertainment news, moans, and 'Saleโ€ฆ http://t.co/HyoQIXD8

  9. Come to NZ and we can make a video for you! #SidewaysNZ

  10. Here is the latest podcast, we talk about the Hobbit, Susan Boyle and hamsters http://t.co/kWiGLNbT@CinematicaCast @guyandben @kaileyinNZ

  11. Do you like muppets and or puppets? Check out this Kiwi music videohttp://t.co/B2VzyB09#nzmusicvideo @newzealandmusic @NZonAir

  12. Check us out on #facebook and like our page if you have a spare moment. http://t.co/qszxYF1j

  13. If you have the time, please check us out on #itunes and give us a rating or review or both! https://t.co/1OTjdTgp#podcast #podomatic

  14. Quote of the day from Isaiah "it's weird adjusting your ears when the voice keeps changing" #theiceman

  15. We have the same amount of followers now as we did this time last week hmmm but we have new followers hmmmm #ihateunfollowersbro

  16. cut cut shoot edit cut shoot shoot some more then cut a little more shooting then a cup of tea then more cutting some shooting then sleep

  17. Hmmm there are a lot of people who only care about themselves....lets stay away from them...

  18. Good morning random people from around the world that we haven't met before. #goodmorning #GottaWork

  19. Just left Adam Peri 'The Audio Wizard' on his own at @nativeaudio to mix our Sideways short film for @TropfestNZ #theman #audiowizard