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  1. Looking forward to mixing our short film for @TropfestNZ at @nativeaudio tonight! Lots of weird noises to add in....

  2. Getting work done while listening to @GeorgeFM

  3. Also if you need something else to listen to check out the guys over at @CinematicaCast http://t.co/ldVDig19

  4. Thanks to those who have listened and shared our #podcast we are now #67th in Film and Television http://t.co/YaopXjE8

  5. Nearly at 700 followers! RT this to help us get there! @SidewaysNZ

  6. Check out our latest episode of our #podcast here,http://t.co/YaopXjE8We are now ranked in the top 100 film and television podcasts!

  7. Not movie critics but we still talk about movies! Slowly getting used to this @CinematicaCast @danslevin @kaileyinNZhttp://t.co/95180Zzh