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  1. A little something from our dead fools fiesta music video @NZonAir http://t.co/pEC2XKIr

  2. Almost feels like Summer is trying to turn up to the party in AK.

  3. Also if you need something else to listen to check out the guys over at @CinematicaCast http://t.co/ldVDig19

  4. Check out our latest episode of our #podcast here,http://t.co/YaopXjE8We are now ranked in the top 100 film and television podcasts!

  5. Check us out on #facebook and like our page if you have a spare moment. http://t.co/qszxYF1j

  6. Come to NZ and we can make a video for you! #SidewaysNZ

  7. Counting down the days! Hopefully @TropfestNZ announces the finalists soon!

  8. cut cut shoot edit cut shoot shoot some more then cut a little more shooting then a cup of tea then more cutting some shooting then sleep

  9. Do you like muppets and or puppets? Check out this Kiwi music videohttp://t.co/B2VzyB09#nzmusicvideo @newzealandmusic @NZonAir

  10. Downloaded the #tropfest app and New Zealand isn't on it! @john_polson @TropfestNZ

  11. DVDs. Inspiration or dust collectors? http://t.co/5FLAEwd6

  12. Filmmaker Bryan Singer is working on a reboot of Rod Serling’s television series "The Twilight Zone" with CBS... http://t.co/7vljMr7a

  13. Finishing up a late night editing session. Nothing like a bit of Sideways chaos to end the year.

  14. Getting work done while listening to @GeorgeFM

  15. Good morning random people from around the world that we haven't met before. #goodmorning #GottaWork

  16. Hahaha, some comedy gold in this. http://t.co/sVjXXGjq

  17. hello to all our new followers