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  1. hello to all our new followers

  2. Lets keep this hashtag going! #aucklandstorm

  3. Today I got asked what band I would like to work with next if I could choose. My answer is @homebrewcrew hmmm deff the right answer - Allan

  4. The Pope has joined Twitter. His first Tweet was "@Jesus where are you? Keen to catch up?" Don't think he knows... http://t.co/svZfSS6k

  5. A little something from our dead fools fiesta music video @NZonAir http://t.co/pEC2XKIr

  6. There's a remake of Jumanji coming! What the?!It's official, Hollywood has run out of ideas.This is a 90's classic. http://t.co/SU6Daij9

  7. Counting down the days! Hopefully @TropfestNZ announces the finalists soon!

  8. So 'The Hobbit' officially opens in NZ tomorrow.Any crazy people going to the midnight sessions tonight? http://t.co/OUEuXTTx

  9. Finishing up a late night editing session. Nothing like a bit of Sideways chaos to end the year.

  10. The second 'Superman Man of Steel' trailer has been released today. Whats your favorite superhero film of 2012?... http://t.co/gZhr0Cc7

  11. Time for some script reading in the Auckland sun.

  12. Hahaha, some comedy gold in this. http://t.co/sVjXXGjq

  13. DVDs. Inspiration or dust collectors? http://t.co/5FLAEwd6

  14. Just saw santa at the mall, shouldn't he be travelling the world with reindeer right about now? Don't wanna get behind bro #christmas #santa

  15. Filmmaker Bryan Singer is working on a reboot of Rod Serling’s television series "The Twilight Zone" with CBS... http://t.co/7vljMr7a