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  1. Puppet-master and creator of the hit TV show Thunderbirds, has died. Were you a fan of the show as a child - or an... http://t.co/yBLp2hR8

  2. Our little film 'Sounds Perfect' has just been announced as a finalist for Tropfest New Zealand 2013. That's... http://t.co/cZTB19md

  3. Our podcast is ranked #75 on Podomatic! Give it a listen! http://t.co/AulcvvQt

  4. If you haven't heard, our film 'Sounds Perfect" has been selected as a Tropfest finalist. Here's where the party... http://t.co/bq1uGHoG

  5. Downloaded the #tropfest app and New Zealand isn't on it! @john_polson @TropfestNZ

  6. Almost feels like Summer is trying to turn up to the party in AK.

  7. Two more likes to get to 600 on Facebook! Can you help us get there before the new year? http://t.co/CQuZt1Nd RT this please!

  8. Its been an alright year for us at Sideways. But there's no doubt about it that 2013 will be massive. Full steam... http://t.co/kCp850dB