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  1. Love Nick in the picture with the classic Doughboys thumbs up.
  2. I've never had an issue with politics being discussed on the show and especially don't care if Jimmy decides to be vocal about who he is voting for (and if people get upset over that then fuck you). But yes Garren's comment today was especially ignorant and downright disgusting (and so obviously not joking) and even disturbing the way he had no issue labeling someone something as horrific as a "racist" just because they have a different political view than he does. Of course this is sadly axiomatic of politics and just human nature in general that we like to build up our own side/group and put down others by labeling them whatever and not actually treating them as complex human beings. It's also a disturbing trend in more left-leaning circles (and I tend to lean left, I voted for Sanders even) to use terms like racist not when its actually necessary but just to put the other side down or to just stop an argument. Sorry to rant but basically I would've liked for someone in the room to have maybe called him out on that? Or not. Who cares. I still love all of you guys and love the show. Just maybe think before using harmful words, Garren? luv u!
  3. kopello

    EPISODE 389 — Travel Agent-Si!

    Great ep. Between this and his last time on I'm really enjoying Drew Tarver's characs.
  4. Really loving this episode. Also Karen and Chris' podcast is hilarious and totally worth checking out.
  5. kopello

    EPISODE 388 — Breath Before Death

    What the fuck is this "it's been a minute" shit...SCOTT!?!?! If you let another fucking moment go by and don't Staind/BarenakedLadies the shit out of an "it's been awhile" I'm DONE with this show. Hell Mookie even threw one right at ya and you ignored it. This is crazy!!!!!
  6. Yep! Everyone here should check out the Doughboys podcast if you haven't yet it's great. #spoonnation
  7. kopello

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    Jesus what an episode. It moves at 100mph from the get-go and I loved every second of it. PFT had some real classic off mic laughter but right at the end when Scott wants everyone to do a one-line catchphrase he does this perfect squeal/giggle that's possibly goat in regards to off-mic PFT laughter.
  8. kopello

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    Really love Hines' work on the show and I'm glad he's becoming a regular. Also Claudia is great. Can't wait to listen!!!
  9. kopello

    EPISODE 372 — Motown Tea

    Really surprised Sigourney Weaver Beaver wasn't the name of the episode.
  10. Awesome! Recently went through Hartley's "Henry Fool" trilogy and he's so great in them.
  11. kopello

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Thanks for the years of entertainment, insight and laughs. I felt as if I knew all three of you (AND Aaron) like my own friends. I understand the need to end it but it still really really bums me out and it probably will for awhile. Look forward to all of your future projects (I guess I should get twitter now...).
  12. kopello

    EPISODE 216 — Optogenetics

    So they're ending the show according to the website but the link they have just leads to a Bob Ducca episode. I'm refreshing my phone every 20 minutes to see if it's up yet...
  13. If you go to Italy you just HAVE to get a villa and you just HAVE to tan your little butt.
  14. kopello

    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    Oh my god Kyle's video is amazing. Im surprised by how good he looks! I always thought he was joking about the gym stuff but it seems he's really been creaming his lats.