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    Masters of The Universe

    You all know this was a secret adaptation of Jack Kirby's New Gods comics, right? The movie doesn't make any sense unless you approach it with that in mind.
  2. Birfer

    Nothing But Trouble

    Good god yes. I've been meaning to suggest this for screening but every week I forget to do it. Finally looked here to find that some wise souls have already suggested. It, but if I can further its case: I was in high school when this came our. I liked lesser Chevy Chase like "funny Farm". I owned Blues Bros. albums other than the soundtrack. I was a pretty uncritical nerd and even I was shocked by how bad this was. I remember Spike Lee bitching about this movie, and the fact that Ackroyd was given funding and the ability to make this based on nothing at all, and called it the worst movie ever made. Hyperbole, but not far off, this thing is terrible. But it world be fun to hear the reaction to it on HDTGM. I want Jason to have to watch this, I need to hear what he has to say about it. And yes, young Tupac Shakur appears in the Digital Underground scene. You'd think a hip hop act being dragged into a rural courthouse on a traffic violation before a dicknosed centenarian judge would be ripe for some sort of acknowledgement of the racial potential of the scene. No dice, and once DU are performing and Dan Ackroyd is dancing along, you will weep. Paul is about my age. I know a little of his likes, something of his background after hearing his WTF interview. I have to imagine this was on his radar when it was released, if not something he saw. I only ask that it be revisited, and given the consideration it deserves.
  3. Birfer

    Episode 48.5 — Minisode 48.5

    I admit that I was hoping for "Over the Top," but I'm sure you'll get around to that one eventually.