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    Episode 14 - Jack Mormon

    I agree with ahsraie, all that stuff exists and NOMs do exist. But then there are people like me. I just can't. I joined for a girlfriend. Never really believed, and now with the movements against the LGBT community, coupled with the history that has come out, I just can't any more. I am open with my wife (she is not the girlfriend I joined for), who is a new-order/progressive mormon, but I still have to live the same lie when it comes to the in-laws that the caller does. Being even slightly out of the fold means living a lie, if people you care about can't meet you half way. I applaud people who can make it work and live authentically. I wish I could. For a lot of active mormons, there are good people (mormons), people who have not encountered the church, and evil apostates who ruin your shot at eternal life if you allow their satanic influence to overcome you. It sucks. And I hate it. And I get where the caller is coming from to a T.
  2. akiba_drumer

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Jeff, we had some interaction one time when I let you know about my positive interaction with Bonobos, how I talked up Earwolf to them and how I liked the partnership. You wrote back and told me how much it meant to have fans write and tell you that things were going the right way, and all that. It meant a lot to me that you cared enough to take the time to respond. I'll always appreciate what you've done with Scott and everyone there. You've really made a big impact on podcasting in the best way. The talent you've amassed is a huge part of that, but leadership always matters. Please look back at your work as a major success in life.
  3. akiba_drumer

    Episode 14 — Staind Glass

    uh, so... I taught a senior level course at university last semester.. and I could NOT help myself on the last day, and let an "it's been a while" slip.
  4. God, please let that be so. Also please let it be that the Imagine Dragons guy just spends the first half schvitzing about what jake thinks of him, and jake trying to awkwardly reassure him, while not actually saying he likes the music.
  5. akiba_drumer

    Episode 81 — Mortal Kombat

    That last review was like Flowers for Algernon, starting from the middle of the book. Or maybe Flores para Algernon.
  6. akiba_drumer

    Submit clips here!

    [media=''] [/media]
  7. akiba_drumer

    Episode 52 — sup /b/

    Jakes are asleep post egon the cat
  8. akiba_drumer

    Episode 69.5 — Minisode 69.5

    This guy's eye-work cracked me up.
  9. akiba_drumer

    Submit clips here!

    Not, perhaps exactly Fogelnest Files worthy, but if you happen to have a theme where living in the middle of frigging nowhere fits, this pretty much explains Wyoming to a T [media=''] [/media]
  10. akiba_drumer

    Submit clips here!

    In honor of Mother's day, Mr T's Ode to Mothers from Mr. T's Be Somebody or be Somebody's Fool: [media=''] [/media]
  11. akiba_drumer

    Episode 61.5 — Minisode 61.5

    This was my first Jason Mantzoukas-style "jesus christ this movie is going to be terrible" moment for me. Unfortunately, it was about 14 seconds in.
  12. I so desperately wanted him to pop out at that moment and say, "ooOOoh the one where I had actors on rollerskates pretend to be a train!"
  13. James also claims there will be three birdemics. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1d0qb2/director_of_birdemic_1_2_master_of_romantic/c9lrg11
  14. I usually think the podmass reviews are fairly decent, but all of them for the Fogelnest Files are just like.. this guy just doesn't get it. One of the reviews was ragging on jake for 'setting up the bit poorly' by asking the guest to describe what they're seeing. It's not a bit - it's that they need to have some way to describe a visual medium on a podcast, dude.
  15. akiba_drumer

    Episode 112 — All Skrewed Up

    Jeremy was great this week! Excellent guest.