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  1. One O'clock Two O'clock Three O'clock Sock. At this rate, I'll be out of fresh socks by this evening!
  2. Andrew_Nice_Day

    EPISODE 361 β€” Waiting for Infinnerty

    One of my favorites in a while. The JGs were in point.
  3. I loved this plugs song. Very well done.
  4. Favorite moments: Scott asking Cameron "When you came out of your mother's vag0ina, did you look back and say, 'I could get used to this'?" The revelation of Professor Stillwater through Clue(do) cards. It didn't seem like that was planned ahead of time, and it was perfect how it fit together.
  5. Andrew_Nice_Day

    Episode 305 β€” CattleLickItUp

    Gabrus was hilarious in this episode. Gino is like an old Simpsons episode where every line is funny.
  6. Whatta I gotta do to get a dentist appointment around here?
  7. This episode felt like the last day of school before summer break.
  8. I love Scott's reaction when he gets Scott's undelivered "FUCK YOU" text. "Oh, hey! Just got it! Thanks man!"
  9. "Take me out to the ballgame!", said the urologist.
  10. Andrew_Nice_Day

    Where'd you put the gouda?

    Where'd you put the gouda?
  11. I was just debating this with a friend. On one side, Scott really knows his U2 history and brings a lot of great history of the band to the show. He also has great stories of how U2 has influenced his life. Scott alway knows when to drop in a joke or run with a bit. Scott, on the other hand, provides a variety of interesting U2 trivia. He's great at connecting the evolution of the band to his own life. Scott really drives the comedic voice of the show. So who is your favorite? Scott or Scott?
  12. And with a crack of the whip, the last free human on Earth succumbs to the wicked empire of the Butterfly-people.
  13. This was fantastic. I can't wait to see what else is going to come out of this insanity.
  14. Andrew_Nice_Day

    Episode 135 β€” Life After Military

    There was definitely a time that they had an 'explicit' label on iTunes.