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    Episode 121.5 — Sklarbro County 26

    Great podcast. A couple takes: - Jason, no need to tell Mellow Randy to "settle down". He's very settled and he's definitely down, man. A few "settle downs" and he'll be Harshed Mellow Randy which isn't cool. Man. - Re: Cash's exploits. Great call just running with that because it's fascinating on many levels. I remember I was in DC on a high school trip. One of the teachers chaperoning us stood up to give us a talk before we headed into a visit to the US Capitol. We all thought it was going to be the old "stay out of trouble" speech. He instead did a 180. He told us if we see a door that read "Do not enter"-- open it. If we saw a committee room blocked off with a sign that read, "Closed to the public", he said screw it - go in and take a seat. We had the best day and I never really forgot that. I didn't lead to a life of sneaking into games, etc., but, without getting syrupy on you, it taught me that sometimes you can and need to challenge some of the restrictions and barriers that we are presented with along the way. I find many people don't get want they want because they don't (or won't) ask for it. Keep it up. Need you guys back in Ann Arbor soon.