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  1. CassieWilliams

    Episode 108 — Jersey Brawls

    we must see kulap's single long sleeve glitter outfit! jessica really brought out the best in ku and wie, it was a great episode to wrap up 2012 on
  2. CassieWilliams

    Episode 107 — Rock Your Brody

    howard's howling in dragon manor isn't that weird, i used to roam my apartment making dinosaur noises when alone for extended periods of time. just downloaded the eps of brody's show and will watch post nap
  3. CassieWilliams

    Episode 105.5 — 12/7/12 TWO CHARTED 44

    full body integration is my new goal, got to reign in that surly left side. this episode hit bummer territory toward the end.
  4. CassieWilliams

    Episode 104.5 — 11/30/12 TWO CHARTED 43

    you've never heard of dirt cups, for real? we had the homemade version when i was a kid, normally they were made with gummy worms and eaten around halloween time http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/dirt-cups-57763.aspx
  5. CassieWilliams

    Episode 104 — Hardwickipedia

    Good episode. Way to bring it down with all the talk of non-summah!
  6. CassieWilliams

    Episode 50 — Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2

    Jason should make a bone-zone ringtone. that is all.