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  1. Handinpants

    EPISODE 125 - Steel: LIVE!

    I love the shirt, but the grammatical error kills it for me, as well. I just can't wear an error on my chest all day.
  2. Word ghosts? I look forward to this rambling podcast!
  3. Handinpants

    EPISODE 337 — The Ying and the Yankovic

    I say, PFT looks like a respectable gentleman ready to tell America the day's news.
  4. Handinpants

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    The 7-Eleven sign adventure is exceptional - truly a pinnacle of podcasting. They went exactly as far as I wanted, and it was funnier than I expected.
  5. Handinpants

    Episode 104 — Trace Ya Later

    So happy that I double posted.
  6. Handinpants

    Episode 104 — Trace Ya Later

    I'm happy to hear Steve and Dan are joining for real! As for Gerry and Sarah, I won't forget them.
  7. Handinpants

    Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

    Judy's review is my favorite in the history of the show. She hates the movie, but gives it a 5-star review and then tells why it doesn't deserve it throughout the entire review. Fucking flawless.
  8. Handinpants

    Episode 100 — Tainted Candy

    Fucking great intro!
  10. Handinpants

    Episode 203 — Don Won't Allow It

    Loved the ESPN announcer bit, and the last line from Will about the Kia sounded unsettlingly like Bob Odenkirk.
  11. This is my favorite episode of any podcast I've ever heard, and I look forward to listening to it.
  12. Hour 2 Update: So, so appreciative when they cut off Staind's music to open up an episode of I Love Films, followed by a second episode of You Poppin' My Stones? Scott: "For me, this sucks." Brilliant.
  13. I was elated to hear the return of You Poppin' My Stones? Then they introduced us to What's Your Fuck Style? Amazing.
  14. Handinpants

    Episode 200 — The Jim Rome Special

    I've known and actively hated Rome for a long time from his Fox and ESPN shows. This was a great interview, and I think he turned me.
  15. Handinpants

    Episode 135 — Ute of the Butte

    What do you want? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?
  16. Handinpants

    Episode 199.5 — Sklarbro County 104

    "Satan's a cool dude." Until now, I never felt the urge to get a tattoo.
  17. Handinpants

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    This episode was strikingly erotic!
  18. Handinpants

    Episode 198.5 — Sklarbro County 103

    Steph Curry has the shot selection of World B. Free with more skill than World B. Free thought he had. As for meeting your heroes, Stanhope exceeded all expectations. After a set during which I laughed my ass off, he came out drunk, yelled "come here, man!" and gave me a hug. It was amazing.
  19. Handinpants

    Episode 75 — A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    Lid, Shoulder Bad and Shoulder Good. I thought Sark's NPC names were ridiculous.
  20. Handinpants

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    What a perfect finish. Time Motherfuckers indeed!
  21. Handinpants

    Episode 74 — New Beginning

    Interesting characters. I look forward to seeing them develop. Illusionist is pretty gutsy for a first-time magic user, but with Ken's portrayal, Hug Denning might wind up being the new fan favorite.
  22. Handinpants

    Episode 195.5 — Sklarbro County 100

    I'm curious whether the drumsticks from the first story were chicken/turkey drumsticks or Drumsticks, the ice cream cones.
  23. Handinpants

    Episode 187.5 — Sklarbro County 92

    Steven Steele Steals Soda.
  24. Handinpants

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    Second Opinions were amazing. Mind-boggling, but amazing. I demanded more of Dr. Jacques Coulardeau's opinions, so I looked him up on Amazon, and man, was it worth it. In reading the review, Paul/Jason cut off my favorite line during the Second Opinions section. In its entirety: I looked at his Amazon Profile and was overjoyed by the madness I found there: From his Amazon Profile, I found his Myspace page (https://myspace.com/...cquescoulardeau), which led me to his Google+ page (https://plus.google....310357558/about), and from there his description of his chosen profession: Yes, the man who wrote that insane, unreadable garbage of a review has worked for decades as an English Professor. I went on a journey to find this man, and I found something incredible. Add him to your Circles.
  25. Handinpants

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    Brian commanded a man-rat to "Soup." Just "Soup." Fantastic.