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  1. chiefobeef

    Bonanas for Bonanza

    I had no intention of watching Bonanza, but after listening to a few eps of this, it sounds quite intriguing! Did they take a break from making new eps? Hoping there's new ones soon, I am really enjoying this.
  2. It is what it isn't what it is
  3. chiefobeef

    The Barrens (2012)

    My wife and I watched this movie this weekend. While watching it, all I could think about is the HDTGM crew destroying this piece of crap, especially poking fun at Stephen Moyer's overacting and Mia Kirshner's utter lack of emotion. The Barrens
  4. chiefobeef

    Masters of The Universe

    +1, this is an amazingly, awesomely bad flick. Gwildor is lame, and also the Cosmic Key!