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  1. jtoddles

    The Avengers (1998)

    Why hasn't this been done yet? Sean Connery as a rapey villain who has his henchmen dress up like teddy bears for meetings in his elaborate conference space. what more reason do you need?
  2. jtoddles

    Episode 51.5 — Minisode 51.5

    also for absurd holiday songs Here's a NOLA bounce remix of "The Driedel Song"
  3. jtoddles

    Episode 51.5 — Minisode 51.5

    crap on a crutch that bieber song was TERRIBLE ugh, I'm not surprised there was a hit on that kids head and shout out to a Cage Krampas! There needs to be a photo shop of that somewhere picture below for reference
  4. jtoddles

    the hobbit

    yeah i said it tho honestly? yeah, 3 hours is way too fucking long, on second thought, just go do something better with your evening/day/whatever and yes, i loved LOTR, extended cuts and theatrical cuts but this was just to fucking long, hokey, and FUCK 48FPS
  5. jtoddles

    Episode 6 — Battlefield Earth

    netflix review of note: In Oregon, we have legally assisted suicide. In the other 49 states, you can use this movie for the same effect.
  6. jtoddles

    Episode 51 — Liz and Dick

    THANK YOU JASON! I knew I wasn't the only one who was mesmerized by how bloated and absurd her face looked throughout the entire movie. Was anyone else just disturbed by her lips? They seemed to be pushing them to be bigger. That or the makeup department were just like "yeah we can't save this" and just left them alone. also, no requesting action on twitter until YOU get on twitter.
  7. jtoddles

    Episode 46 — Barb Wire

    had to post something to this: June, I get ya. I'd MUCH rather be called a bitch instead of babe. I fucking HATE it when someone calls me babe.
  8. jtoddles

    The Ugly Truth

    Gerard Burler seems to have just as shitty of a track record, with or without her. Playing for Keeps comes out of the gate with a stunning 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
  9. jtoddles

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Hey, why don't you guys bring a live show to Chicago? give the midwest a lil lovin'
  10. also, Saw MasterPancake do Eclipse at the Alamo Drafthouse. so worth it. Please please please bring your show to Chicago
  11. they are actually talking about a TV series... it better as fuck have Lee Pace in it. only image this movie should leave you with http://cdn.fd.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Twilight-Breaking-Daw-Part-2.gif
  12. jtoddles

    Episode 49.5 — Minisode 49.5

    This film is one of the best drinking games I've ever played in a movie theater. Sip every time: someone sparkles there's bad CGI someone takes their shirt odd anytime two peopel kiss (which was kinda infrequent for a "love story") a new character is introduced (two sips if they fit a stereotype) and if someone in the theater stands up and yells "WHAT THE FUCK" at the "twist" ending? chug