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    D.C. Cab (1983)

    Loved this move as a 7-year old. This is the way I (at age 7) would imagine driving a cab and being a grownup to be like. I would love to have Bill Maher, Gay Busey, Mr. T, and Paul Rodriguez over for dinner just to talk about this movie. Busey shows a glimpse of his current self when he points out that Bruce Lee will be thawed out and brought back to life when the economy gets better.
  2. Brad Wesley

    The Spirit (2008)

    This movie should be done. I saw this in the theater (for free, and still a rip-off!). I haven't seen more people walk out on a movie before or since. Samuel Jackson is usually entertaining. It's an amazing feat to get Scarlett Johanson and Eva Mendes to star in a movie that is unwatchable.
  3. Brad Wesley

    Futuresport (1998)

    I DVRed this movie because of the description. I didn't know that this future sport would actually be called "Future Sport". Even when it's been played for several years? Doesn't change to Present or Current Sport? Terrorists from Hawaii are fighting for liberation. Somehow, Dean Cain gets the authority to settle the issue on a game of Future Sport. I would like to see some Israeli guy overrule everyone and decide that the Palestinian territory will be decided by a Parkour competition.
  4. Brad Wesley

    Over The Top

    Cobra was a great choice, but "Over the Top" was an arm-wrestling movie. Arm-wrestling! A movie about horse shoes or darts would have been as thrilling.