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    Episode 199 - Scott Aukerman, Our 199th Episode Guest

    Hey forum fans! "its been a while!' We are doing the Popcorn Gallery again for our 200th episode (this is real). Please submit questions for: Laura Lapkus Paul F. Shopkins Mary Howard Jon Gabus Nick Roll Thank you for being here the whole time
  2. I was remembering the popcorn gallery today and thinking about it again. The guest is Jen D'Angelo. Questions should be about comedy and how to make sure people love it.
  3. I'm going to be on best show tonight if anyone wants to call in and make sure I'm comfortable and having a good time
  4. joe we went out and got vicki lawrence for you but her name is mike lawrence now (pronounced mickey). i don't know the story, i don't even ask questions about this stuff anymore i just keep my head down. anyway maybe we'll do the popcorn gallery although sean has been feeling lightheaded and may not want to
  5. VALENTINE'S DAY RULES: -post a questions about your relationship or yoour crush -personal question about love issues you have -not valentine's day but right now -pass it on! -for our guest we need questions about your love problems
  6. actually call at 4:15. sean needs some extra time to think of funny things he wants to say on the show.
  7. will someone make my other post be at the top
  8. Hey we are trying out a new idea called the phonecorn gallery if anyone wants to call in and be on the show at 330 pacific. The number is 442-244-9653. Come with topics about the news
  9. please submit questions for two guys brandon content allen stephanie
  10. you guys are doing dog names huh well Allan McLoud-Barking is our guest for questions! dogs do loud barking
  11. Hayzie Bone

    EPISODE 99 — Paul Rust Again, Our Close Friend

    they gotta be right now so https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Thorn
  12. Hayzie Bone

    EPISODE 99 — Paul Rust Again, Our Close Friend

    questions for jesse thorn, not for me for a friend
  13. Hayzie Bone

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    quick questions for eggs sscharpling
  14. Our guest tomorrow is Erin Wildhorse of the White Heads comedy group I MEAN Erin Wildhead I MEAN Horsin Wildwhite I MEAN... Aw, you know what I mean!
  15. sean met this guy ross mathews at a class to make bagels at home. he is jay lego's friend, nice kid. gonna be on the show to do questions with. from: hayes
  16. mary hollans =popcorn 4hours sory im on top ofa car bumpy roadd
  17. Hayzie Bone

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    hey guys. thanks! on to the notes: agata: good energy, not a TON of jokes but i understand if you were going for a different thing. my one note would be to lose the wave at the end. also, i was "really fun" on your show? think we can find a stronger choice of words than that. andrew: the poem is working for sure. but the overlay animation you're using for your eyebrows occasionally glitches where they don't move with the rest of your face. just do a frame-by-frame spot check and you should be all good. tim: just go ahead and rip out that carpet, buddy. just pull it right out. i know you like to pretend you're not doing well financially but that is not a good look. looks like it might just be cement under there, that could actually be cool? would look good with the vintage coca-cola box. marshall: worried that you guys revealed a lot of your proprietary tech in the background there. also freaked out by how you stopped the tape without reaching toward the camera or making any kind of click sound. would appreciate more notice that the tape is stopping next time. valerie: yikes, valerie. the rap was so good. wish i could have just focused on that instead of the TWO earwolf posters that have nothing to do with my show in the background. is this supposed to make me feel special on my birthday? because it's making me feel eSPECIALly like a piece of shit. mbop: i don't know if this is a note. but just seeing that it was a vertical video of two excavators shot from a car about two hundred feet away i knew this was your portion of the video. charlie: glad to see joe still shows up for the important stuff! still, more questions than answers here. what's that third sign say, that's a big one. and who's that guy at the end? does he want to be a fan of our show? based on the rest of this video we could use him. brian: not a lot of evocative boston stuff in this video. tim and james wore gear at least. i see nothing here. no ducklings, citgo sign, mapparium. can't figure out where this is even shot. mass ave and boylston over the mass pike facing east? very frustrating, not fun to watch. joe: good sense of location, lots of cars going by, front porch appears to be shared with another person's door... i get a real sense of where you're coming from. but just the slightest turn of the camera to show me what miss slasher looks like would have made this a lot "more," you know? also, i knew it was you, you post your picture a lot on here. toby: appreciate the attention to detail with the inclusion of tim's famous earbuds. but while i personally don't mind it? some people might take issue with you not including any female forum users? even though the mannequin is female? i don't know, people seem to get mad about that stuff lately. spunky: still not comfortable with the idea that you think your dog is clothes. honlads: couple fucked up things about this: one, distracting hair incline, two, i went to a spar today for the first time. not a eurospar, just a regular spar. i didn't even know there were other spars in the world. why two spars in one day??? bad video adam: we are gonna sit down together and have a posture conversation, my friend. more than this notes session allows. don't want to get into costs on here but you may want to hit the slots a few more times. anastasia: seems like you organized the video so i guess i'll focus on that. segments seemed to be lined up with each other nicely. no long breaks. i can read the text at the beginning and end. good job. burdrulz: please don't fuck with baz luhrmann's work. don't slow it down, don't speed it up, just leave it alone. he did it how he wanted it to sound. good drawing, good effects, etc. just... it makes it seem like you think you're better than baz when you play with his material. and i know you know you're not. chanson: i know you care, chanson. you made sure to say the dog's name in the video so i'd know it was you. these other guys put more effort in, but i think you care most of all. josh: liked the drawings. did not like that you seem to have a bullet hanging around your neck at all times. i would have liked to have shown this video to my family. bozos: everyone else, please pay attention: this is how you show me what the temperature is where you are. i do not know if the song was good or the original song it was based on, but i watch this video and i KNOW IT IS COLD OUTSIDE. let me know if it's hot or cold, guys. with most of you i have no idea. greggy: am i correct in assuming that you sent anastasia a *sound* file and she had to figure out a way to connect it to the video segments and put a picture over it? i hope i'm not. andy: i'm suspicious of how much effort went into the lighting of this shot. if not, see if you can what the computer's doing to your skin tone to happen in the real world. steve: looks like you have high ceilings. might just be a camera effect, but that was a pleasant surprise for me. thanks again everyone! looking forward to the next round.
  18. jason allison i meant and it's thornton not "thorton." who's "thorton"? that's not a real guy. so why are we supposed to listen to you
  19. Hearing rumors that the Popcorn Gallery song is bad? Not sure what to do. Was going to do segment but maybe not? Guess we should see if we get any questions. Guest is Cooper Nanjiani.
  20. dixon is only one like away from 50 on his oogachaka gif. tim hasn't liked it.
  21. Won't let me do a Paperless Post on here so I'm copying and pasting the code in. (a:href/ancient scroll template) *~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ You are invited to: (commence envelope open animation) SEAN AND HAYES DOING A LIVE SHOW UCB SUNSET 8:30 TUESDAY Bring a LOT of friends (C/: Afterparty toggle ON) Meet and greet with real Sean and Hayes after show Walk to bar and "hang" with your heroes *~*~*~*~*~*~~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~ RSVP in message board (inset hieroglyphic owl clipart)
  22. Hayzie Bone

    Episode 62 — Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend

    the call in number tomorrow morning is 347-514-9653. pay attention because i'm going to write it one more time only. 347-514-9653. the 9653 is code for wolf somehow, they didn't explain it to me well enough please call in tomorrow at 9:15 AM Pacific / 12:15 PM Eastern even if you know you will be bad. the shaky voice answering the phone will be andy.
  23. happy thanksgiving -- thabks for giving questions to pauly shore that is
  24. Hey you one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple.... POPCORN eaters?!?!? Due to some very mad people being upset about us not having any women in our Writers Panel, we found one woman who is a writer and it's even for the Mimby Project. Her name is Tracey Wigfield and she loves being asked a question for the Popcorn Gallery! She also wrote for 30 Rocks or Less and she was in Mimby Project as a kisser of Adam parly
  25. you guys have all been asking for a long time why you always have to hear so much about the guests on the show and never anything about us and our personal experiences. well this week is a special episode where we ourselves are the guests and you guys write the interview questions and we ask them to each other. ask us ANYTHING AT ALL that you have ever wanted to know but we will pick the best ones and only use those.