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    Oh Hai! I am currently living on the prairie, a reluctant capitalist with an unrealized secret socialist side. I really dig the natural world and fucking love evolutionary biology and natural history, and science topics in general. Consider myself to be a bit of a left-thinking individual—but have found the virtues of libertarianism enticing as of late. I have multifarious and often ephemeral hobbies; some of the more lasting of them are home brewing, herb-growing, video editing, writing erotic fiction about Illinois politicians, and geocaching. I play guitar poorly, was given a nice keyboard which I also play poorlier, I enjoy the ancient world and old Rome. Am an excellent mimic, introspective, a fast-typer. Oh, and oh yeah, I am Irish. Top that.

    The whole turning 30 bit, I admit, really kind of freaked me out. I took it pretty rotten at the time, you know unrealized childhood dreams and college expectations? That whole racket—but I am trying to get over it and enjoy life. It is a very strange thing to not have milestone ages anymore like 21 25 etc. and have to take a moment to remember just how old you are!

    Career aspirations were toward a medical degree, however have become disenfranchised and salty towards the whole industry. Was on a wait-list to get into medical school multiple times, howeve I didn’t make the cut X3—so I am doing the jackoff-of-all-trades gig for now, catching up on unrealized hobbies (creative writing, building, woodworking, furniture styles, arts arts arts), and in the meantime I am hoping to win the lottery.

    Big supporter and contributor to Wikipedia, and try to make edits whenever they are due. You can check me out here as frenkmelk to see some of my edits and contributions. Hey, I am no copy-editor, but I know what I know, eh?

    I am always up for meeting those who have some capacity for EXTREME irony and are fellow wits and trivia whizzes. This reminds me, if you need an extra for your trivia team, I would love to sit in! Facebook word games make me smile too, I have plenty of time on my hands, so if you want to play some word twist or scramble….BRING IT!
  1. FrenkMelk

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    June's exegesis on why Will Smith could "blow out the candles" and Jason's subsequent breathless laughter storm about DID ME IN! I listened to that few minutes of the episode ad nauseum and played it for anyone who would endure a bit of background explanation and my pleading for them to listen and LAUGH along! I LOVE INFECTIOUS LAUGHTER!
  2. FrenkMelk

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Damn, if I did not NOT take Judd's advice and went post-hoc to iTunes and bought a previously unheard NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL track. Would like to see some real-time fiscal stats if such datum are publique--to see if the CBB "bump" is rill.