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  1. To clear up some confusion: Renesme is Rene plus Esme. Rene is Bella's mom and Esme is Edwards "mom." If it was a boy she was going to name it Edward Jacob. Girls can be wolves, Leah Clearwater is one. The woman that not Tom Skerritt is dating is not a wolf but knows about them and knows about the Volturi coming. Imprinting can happen with other people besides wolves. Renesme's power is to show others things she has seen in the past with the touch of a hand. When she is touching people it is showing them that she has aged over time, unlike immortal children which don't age and can't control their thirst and tantrums. That guy Alice hangs out with is Jasper not Julian. They don't explain in the movies that the wolves don't age as long as there are vampires around, so as long as Jacob is with Renesme, Bella and Edward he will stay immortal along with them allowing him to be with Renesme forever. The idea is they are in love. In the book there was no fight at all, so people who have read the book (like myself) were freaked out, when Aro ripped Carlsile's head off it was literally bonkers.