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    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    So happy to see the Santa character come back. 2nd best part of the ep: Scott being the last one in the room to figure out that the duck character is a specific reference.
  2. BroccoliRob

    Episode 75 — A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    They mentioned that they might do a couple of these Danger Rooms "to get the Creative Juices flowing" but I hope they stick with this scenario for a while. I really like the characters and starting over kills the momentum.
  3. BroccoliRob

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    We'll miss you Sark! Come back soon! Interested to see what the gang does next? I still want to know what happened to Stargoyle, but I don't know how a campaign searching for him would work if Blaine is DMing...
  4. BroccoliRob

    Episode 75 — Daredevil

    June, thank you so much for being brave enough to have the lone voice supporting this movie. Everything she said is almost exactly how I feel. Out of everyone I know, I am the only person who actually enjoys this movie.
  5. BroccoliRob

    Episode 40 — Going Back To The Choppa

    I'm glad Sark decided to up the damage on Blackie's lightning staff. It seemed low the past couple times he used it, and now it's a weapon worthy of a guy who has, from what I've heard anyway, a pretty decent charisma.
  6. BroccoliRob

    The Gauntlet

    The second season of The Gauntlet http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=8024 has just started. I wasn't a huge fan of the first season, but they seem to be fixing a lot of their earlier mistakes and making it more fun to watch. It's basically a video game competition created by people who love video games and video game culture. I'm going to be watching Season 2, hoping it's going to be good.
  7. BroccoliRob

    Episode 35 — Riddle Me Why

    Get it right. According to Camilla, the correct pronunciation is "crucyfy".
  8. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    See what we've done!? Actions have consequences! Sean and Hayes may not be, but it's entirely possible that Brett is a real person! With hopes, dreams, and feelings! Not the cold, robotic algorithm that Sean and Hayes have, but the heart of a (possibly) flesh and blood human being. Only now I see the resulting destruction of my careless ways.
  9. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Trust me, until that moment, there was nothing about Cara Maria that I found attractive, and I'm including personality and decision-making skills in that as well. But as soon as she flexed those guns, it was like the siren's call and my dick was Odysseus's ship, sailing for certain doom. But luckily she put her guns away and I was capable of rational thought again and steered my ship away.
  10. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Ignoring 99% of what happened before this.... So how awesome was the Challenge?! I'm serious. I think this is my favorite episode of the Challenge to date. The game "Frenemy" was absolutely hilarious and was a brilliant move on production's part. Also, I am loving Sarah and Emily's winning streak. I really hope they take it all the way for the win. The Jungle was hilarious as well. Surprise! Jasmine fucked up during a physical/athletic challenge. So glad Theresa and Jasmine are gone. They might be the ones getting stabbed in the butts by a bunch of scrumbags, but they are super annoying. .... .... .... Did anyone else get a rock-hard boner when Cara Maria flexed her guns for the camera? O_O
  11. What Berry said said about making it family friendly really hit home for me. My grandma took my brother and I to see this when it first came out in theaters. I had absolutely no idea that there was a Crocodile Dundee 1 or 2, seeing how it was over a decade since the last move was released. I remember moderately enjoying it, but the most interesting part about this is that all the parts that were put in by Paul Hogan I remember being a little off put by how abrupt they were and how they just didn't fit in the movie. And all the parts that WEREN'T Paul Hogan's were funny and made sense. Everything he said about Paul makes perfect sense after seeing that movie.
  12. I know exactly what you mean! Well I'm not going to let them get to me!
  13. BroccoliRob

    Episode 33 — Antigua Is So Beautiful

    Until listening to this episode of the Reality SHEW shew, I had completely forgotten about the "accidentally voting in the guy I'm sleeping with" incident because I was originally just focused on Zach's craziness and his tum-tum issues. It was a great moment in television history when two throwaway votes allowed Diem to send Ty and Leroy to the Jungle. And I can see why Theresa (aka Wes' Bag of Garbage) is so mad at Diem because Diem clearly doesn't understand the concept of a throwaway vote. Theresa voted for Leroy so he WOULDN'T go into the Jungle. Duh! At least in the Jungle Leroy was temporarily safe from worrying about Wes' potential #HashtagRevenge. Getting someone soooo good like that, you're constantly looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life expecting #HashtagRetaliation. It's not a fun life, but it's the life Leroy chose when he called Wes #LowSelfEsteem.
  14. BroccoliRob

    The Challenge: Rivals II

    So.....Zach, that was pretty nuts. First he's sad about missing the birth of his nephew (Niece? Nephew? I can't remember). That's fine and understandable. Then he starts complaining about how his tum-tum hurts. Which is also fine, but he needs to understand how silly it looks when this mountain of a man complains about having too many num-nums in his tum-tum. Then he starts hulking out (from now on to be referred as "Zaching out") at the camera person because maybe he realized he didn't want his super shitty behavior caught on film for everyone to see. But the craziest thing was at the end of the Jungle, when he celebrated his victory by chucking his helmet at Jordan's head. Wow. I feel like if they hadn't disqualified him for fucking up the game, they would have hopefully kicked him off just for that. It's too bad really. I really enjoyed Zach last season as Frank's Second-in-Command. But with Frank determined to keep a low profile this season, Zach was left to his own devices which clearly did not work out for him.
  15. BroccoliRob

    Episode 32 — Female Body Inspector

    I'm interested in seeing this documentary, so please keep us informed on its progress. I just hope it's not filled with all that liberal bullshit about how Female Body Inspectors are insensitive and demeaning to women. Those guys are fucking heroes. Move over 9/11 first responders, because we have some REAL goddamn heroes here.
  16. BroccoliRob

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Sean and Hayes are right!! I have been way too lax in my forum posting ever since my work Internet blocked my access to Earwolf! Well, no more! I'm going into work today and DEMANDING that they unblock Earwolf or I am out of there!! I see absolutely nothing wrong with this plan. I've got a great feeling about this.
  17. BroccoliRob

    Pretty Wild

    I recently saw the Bling Ring and it was a pretty good movie. Then I learned that the character that Emma Watson played had a reality show while court case was happening in real life. It's pretty hilarious to watch because it shows her crying and bitching about how she didn't do anything and how she's innocent, when she is clearly an awful, horrible person (who is most likely absolutely guilty). There's only 1 season with 9 episodes and it's on Netflix Instant. If you liked the movie, definitely check this out. There are lines from the movie that are lifted directly from the show, and you realize just how amazing a job Emma Watson did portraying this person.
  18. BroccoliRob

    The Challenge: Rivals II

    I'm saving my thoughts on the first episode until I hear what Sean and Hayes have to say (the Reality SHOE shoe is coming back!), but it was pretty awesome.
  19. BroccoliRob

    Real World Portland

    And shit went down! I realized the problem with violence though, the one with the weakest grasp on morality is usually the victor. While it was satisfying to see Avery punch Nia a good couple times (and it was interesting to see that Johnny was smart enough to not hit a female on camera), Nia was unfortunately the victor because she doesn't care about any repercussions. I've decided to bring back my sociopath label for Nia. She's violent at the drop of a hat, will lie in wait to sucker punch people, hit from behind, and create an entirely new reality afterwards which features her as the victim. Marlon, Anastasia, and Jessica are practically complicit in her actions by choosing to not vote her out, which causes Johnny and Avery to leave the house. It's too bad there were only three days left at this point because I think people might have been more willing to throw her out if they were looking at spending that much more time with her. I am really looking forward to he reunion episode to see Nia confronted by the host about this fight.
  20. BroccoliRob

    Real World Portland

    What a great episode after the snooze fest last week. So many things to cover, I'm not even sure where to start. I guess the best place to start is with the roommate whose misery I take so much glee in, Jessica. Her boyfriend (Tyler?) seems like a nice guy. He seems just as boring as Jessica, which makes them the perfect match. But the conversation she was having on the phone was killing me. Even EDITED it took way too long and clearly spelled out Jessica's problem. I even thought "there's no way she was saying all that stupid stuff in a single conversation. They had to have edited some other phone conversations in there." But I rewound and checked, she's wearing the same clothes throughout the whole thing! To his credit, Tyler went along with it like a champ, until the end when any other member of the male species would have ran screaming into the night. After saying she wants to move to Portland to be with him, she's completely confounded why he might be acting odd. Remember, depending on the editing, at MOST this relationship is three months old. Of course his next step is to break up with her via email. If you are able to, I highly suggest pausing the episode when the email is being displayed full screen, it's a great read. Especially because they don't really spend much time explaining what the email says. They really only say that he's breaking up with her and she is super pissed at him. Without the context of the email, you might assume that Tyler broke up with her in a really awful, insensitive way and you would be sympathizing with Jessica. If you read the email, you'll see that Tyler took the time to write a really nice, well thought out email. As far as break ups through emails are concerned, this is the best possible scenario. It basically says that she's a great person and he really likes spending time with her, but he is really uncomfortable with the idea of Jessica completely uprooting her life to move to Portland, just to be with him. He talks about how they haven't been together that long and it's under odd circumstances. If they broke up afterwards, he would feel awful for being the reason that she's now in Portland, away from her friends and family, all alone. This is actually pretty reasonable! He's taking a very hard look at their relationship and coming to a pretty realistic conclusion. Jessica tells Nia that this is why she hates men, and that men can't be trusted, but it looks like Anastasia is the only one wondering if that maybe, just maybe, "could the problem be with Jessica?". But this is where Jessica's story intersects with Marlon's. Marlon is having a crisis of faith. He feels that he is not living up to the ridiculously high expectations of himself, his father, and his religion. So after receiving a pep talk from his dad, he promptly gets drunk and bangs a chick. Marlon feels awful for doing something that is completely normal, and for being a relatively normal guy. I'm surprised this whole 'faith' conversation didn't come up during the 'I banged a dude once' conversation. Seems like one might affect the other. So now, Marlon and Jessica are kindred spirits! He feels that he is being an awful christian and she got dumped. Totally the same thing! So they go to church together (a church where Jessica is hilariously and obviously out of place)! And everyone's problems are solved! Marlon invites Jessica to his recording sessions in some dude's closet and even has her lay down a track. Which brings me to the best part of the episode: The line that they have Jessica rap is "Bitches be thirsty and junk!" I'm imagining the conversation between Marlon and the show's producer: Producer: Ok, we don't have a lot of time left so pick your best line for Jessica to sing and it will be really heartwarming and the episode will end on a high note. Marlon: Way ahead of you. My best line is "Bitches be thirsty and junk!" Producer: .... Marlon: I know, right? It's amazing! Producer: You know what, we don't have to decide now. Take some time to think on it and let me know. Marlon: The more I think about it, the better the line sounds. This has to be the line. This is going to launch my music writing career. This is the pinnacle of everything I've done and anything I will ever do. This is musical genius. Producer: Fuck it. I stopped caring five minutes ago. Lets just get it over with. There are so many reasons why this line pops out at me so much. First off, it's just plain awful. It's dumb, it makes no sense, and it's just plain bad. Second, Marlon had just said fifteen minutes ago that he wants to be a better person in the eyes of god which includes not hooking up with random chicks and SWEARING! I know, I know, the word 'bitch' has been relegated to being a Diet Swear Word, but you know he wouldn't be comfortable saying that in front of his pastor. But even if we ignore this, and we say that he has understood that he can't be perfect and he is just going to live his life, then WHY would you use the word 'junk'? It's like he's trying to compromise/mesh his religious values and his desire to live a fun life, but failing at both. Where the fuck has Jordan been in the past two episodes? Did he get all his drama out of the way early and they ran out of usable footage of him? And finally, the previews for the upcoming episode let us know that this is the episode that we have been waiting for all season! Nia gets into an all-out brawl with Avery and Jordan! This is going to be good.
  21. BroccoliRob

    Episode 26 — A Whole New (Gassy) World

    I'm glad that they got distracted away (for the moment) from trying to visit all three planets to warn the people because I think they would be spreading themselves too thin. Honestly, these gas planet people are toast if the group is not here the whole week, helping them prepare, and spearheading the attack on the Collectors.
  22. BroccoliRob

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    An open letter to Ken/Bartho Shett: Please never ever stop saying "Stargoyle!"
  23. BroccoliRob

    Real World Portland

    Episode 8 Apparently Jessica is Avery and Anastasia's little sister, always chasing after them yelling "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" and "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" and "CAN I PLAY?" For some reason, this combined with her prudish views towards lovemaking has isolated Jessica from the majority of the roommates. She tries to confront her older sisters about this, but they just tell her that they just want to spend time with each other. I think that a more direct approach in this situation would have been more appropriate. I was waiting for Anastasia to tell Jessica "NO! YOU'RE ANNOYING AND WHILE YOU'RE AN ATTRACTIVE PERSON OVERALL, YOU JUST DON'T MEASURE UP WITH AVERY AND I AESTHETICALLY." When Jessica took the group to go motor crossing, we knew Jordan was going to be awesome at it and that most of the roommates would be laughably bad at it due to inexperience. But I was interested to see how Jessica would do. This whole episode she's been talking about how she has been riding dirt bikes most of her life and that it is her favorite thing to do ever. Was she going to be totally badass on these bikes like Jordan, or was she going to face-plant like Anastasia? As it turned out, neither. She could ride competently, but overall her skill matched her personality: boring. Nia is my least favorite roommate, but she's the reason I tune in because I keep waiting for something horrible to happen to her. Instead of knowing when she was supposed to work, she called up a random employee at the bar and asked them. Instead of asking someone who would actually know, like the manager. Since random employee didn't see her on the schedule, Nia knew she had the day off. Which was good because the job was beneath her when she has all sorts of guys giving her money because that's just how awesome she is. Except that she was scheduled to work that day and by not showing up their boss thought that was Nia's way of quitting. In past seasons of Real World, getting fired from the day job meant you got kicked out of the house. But Nia is so much better than everyone else ever, making her above this rule. But when Nia finds out she's fired, she's pissed off because NO ONE FIRES NIA WITHOUT GETTING PUT IN THEIR PLACE! So she shows up to work to complain about getting fired for not showing up to work. After verbally putting the boss in her place, Nia couldn't help but do one more awesome thing before she left: she filled a 20 oz cup with pop AND LEFT WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. BECAUSE NIA IS THAT FUCKING HARDCORE. Stay tuned for future episodes of Real World: Nia, featuring Portland (they haven't officially changed the title to this, but I figure it's just a matter of time).
  24. BroccoliRob

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    Loved this episode. Can't wait to see what these items do, and hope they eventually find out what their other items do.