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  1. I'll be sure to record this and send it in but here it is:

    We were on tour in Florida. three acts, seven people. We took a bunch of mushrooms during the last act and this girl told us we could crash at her house. After the show, we drive to this girls house and by the time we get there the shrooms are kicking in.


    Right away she tells us she has to go to bed because she has to work a double the next morning. So we’re sitting against the walls in an unfurnished living room, staring at each other and tripping with the lights out.


    A few hours later two dudes come crashing through the front door. One of the guys starts screaming “who the fuck is in my house!” over and over again while the other guy tries to talk him down. They are both enormous and scary.


    The girl comes out to explain who we are to him, and now he is DOWN to party. The angry dude is her roommate and the other guy is his boyfriend. We go to the front porch to hang out and see his vehicle, which is a tow truck with a confederate flag painted on the hood. Cars would drive by blasting rap music and he would throw beer bottles and yell racial epithets at them.


    The next day we played South Carolina. This kid said we could stay at this place after the show and it was the plantation. There was a shrimp boat out back.


    My bandmate and another guy find a room with rifles and start playing with them. My bandmate tells me “the more you hate guns, the more I love them.”


    Then there’s a loud bang. In a room across the hall our tour manager yells out “Fuck! I’ve been shot!” We think he’s joking because the gun wasn’t pointed in that direction.


    The bullet went through the wall, into the hallway where it hit a double paned glass door, and then a fragment of the bullet turned back around at a 45 degree angle, through a door, and into our tour managers leg while he was changing clothes. He’s in his underwear, pants around his feet, bleeding.


    The gunshot woke up the kids father who was this smooth southern gentleman. He told us we were still welcome to spend the night, but we politely declined and said we’d get a hotel.


    I went out to the car while the paramedics took the tour manager away. The kid whose house it was offered me oxycodin to calm me down, but I declined.


    Our tour manager was walking the next day and we bought him a cane.

  2. Wow, you're mad.


    I love how bunched the panties get around here if somebody makes one complaint abput an episode. I didn't ask for the episode to be edited, I just said it was a dick move on Pepitone's part to spoil a popular movie that's still in theaters. What do you have to gain by your aggressive fanboy douchebaggery? Do you think Eddie Pepitone is going to give you an HJ for defending his internet honor? Nerds.


    It wasn't a dick move because he had no idea he was spoiling it. He hadn't seen the movie, he was relaying a conversation with his dad.

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  3. Yeh, I'm a bit confused. I've haven't received emails for San Fransisco or Portland yet, and I got one of the Montreal ones three days ago which I already had. Also, Gumroad is SUPER CONFUSING. And I go through the shop it doesn't recognize me as having purchased.