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  1. Re: Gran Torino - Yes, the first draft did take place in St. Paul, home of a giant Ford plant and a massive Hmong population. The screenwriter Nick Schenk is from there and worked at the plant, where he met a lot of Hmong immigrants and was inspired to make the movie by listening to their stories.

  2. What a coincidence, the guy who invented and sells "Bulletproof Coffee" is the one who's done all the research showing that it's the healthiest coffee around. My favorite claims are that "52-92.7% of all coffee beans have Mycotoxins" so broad and specific at the same time. Of course, he doesn't have to prove that the amount of fungus is dangerous, he just has to use the word "toxins" and the sheep will flock.


    Ramhand and Nick Thune should all get together for an unintentionally hilarious podcast extolling all this woo B.S... With David Huntsberger asking if coffee beans have souls.

  3. I have to reign in Aaron here: The "Space pen" story is false. The sensitive equipment in a space capsule cannot be exposed to the (electricity-conducting) dust and chips that can be made by lead or graphite pencils. It cost the government nothing, since it was invented by a private citizen and given to NASA for free, and the Russians use our space pen also. I expect a full retraction next week.


    That's 2 weeks of retractions in a row.


    2 strikes, Aaron. *Gulp*